GRC(GreenCoin AI) Officially Listed on P2PB2B

GreenCoin.AI (GRC Currency) announced on Thursday that the GRC coin would be listed on the worldwide crypto trading P2PB2B exchange. The P2PB2B crypto trading platform, which was launched in 2018, covers more than 200 crypto assets such as BTC, USD, ETH, and others. P2PB2B functions not only as a bitcoin exchange; it also has a business side, such as their crypto projects plan for trustworthy partners. It allows for the exchange of crypto royalty tokens such as BTC, ETH, DASH, NEO, LTC, and lots more. 

GRC’s game-changing blockchain-powered “burn-to-earn” fitness-plus-finance ecosystem guarantees physical, financial, and mental well-being while also assisting in environmental repair. GRC(GreenCoin AI) mining will be powered by an energy source that has largely been untapped: human energy. In the years 2022-2023, GreenCoin.AI (GRC) will produce a line of “smart” fitness equipment that will convert energy from physical activity into bitcoin revenue. The lineup will include a treadmill, a full-length display/mirror, a stationary bike, a fitness watch, and a mobile app. All of this will be linked to a green blockchain which will analyze physical activity and reward it with a GRC coin.

The AR(augmented reality) technology in the AI-powered mirror will bring a remote personal trainer into the house and allow users to virtually put on new apparel and accessories. A pulse meter, a movement monitor, and a communication device will all be connected to the fitness watch’s mobile app. The GWallet application may also be used to keep track of and manage one’s health and financial well-being.

GRC(GreenCoin.AI) will bring together a community of fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, merchants, as well as content creators. By earning GRC coins throughout each workout, participants will be able to significantly improve their financial and physical health. Members may even earn GRC coins as they are asleep by submitting their personal information with businesses anonymously. Personal training sessions, fitness equipment, and motivating material may all be purchased with GRC. Minting, staking as well as bonding incentives are all presented with GRC (GreenCoin.AI). The value of GRC currency will rise as the GreenCoin.AI (GRC) network expands.

GreenCoin.AI is a cryptocurrency that connects to the $4.5 trillion health and fitness business. The normal fitness enthusiast spends more than $300 each year on gym memberships, courses, and exercise equipment. GreenCoin.AI (GRC) has a competitive edge thanks to its burn-to-earn value proposition. GreenCoin.AI (GRC) is a technology startup that provides the first-to-market ecosystem that comprises smart fitness equipment,  AR and AI technologies, as well as Defi capabilities. Furthermore, the company’s founders have made it their goal to be the most sustainable blockchain/Web3 application in its use of energy.

About P2PB2B

P2PB2B exclusively engages in large-scale transactions. The company’s speed is capable of handling 10,000 transactions per second. The P2PB2B trading platform can scale up to 1,000,000 TCP.

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