Grease Monkey Games forms a partnership with Konig

Grease Monkey Games, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has formed a partnership with Konig that is mutually beneficial. This will enable the delivery of interoperable wheel NFTs to Torque Drift 2 and other games in the Torque Motorsport games franchise. This will be completed by the latter half of 2023. In addition, Grease Monkey Games is the creator of the popular Torque Motorsports series.

Torque Drift 2 happens to be a racing game that utilizes blockchain technology. It provides an all-inclusive as well as an absolutely lifelike experience. It will introduce an array of verified racing scenarios concerning the Web2 and Web3 games. The Torque Drift 2 happens to be a segment of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem of virtual racing-oriented games.

Konig has established a reputation on the global market for wheel brands. It has worked on automobile tuning for more than four decades and has staunchly supported the wider automotive and motorsport communities. In addition to real-time data, useful feedback from their sponsored racing teams is also utilized. They are involved in both the casting and forging of wheels. Torque Motorsport contains Torque Burnout, Torque Drift, and the recently released Torque Drift 2 from Grease Monkey Games. All of them will have Kong-licensed, compatible NFTs. Consequently, all linked players will have complete ownership rights over their assets.

According to the President of Konig America, Scott Weiss, this partnership will allow the automotive community to have better interactive sessions with Konig in a digital arena. In the beginning, the Kong-licensed NFT drop will have eight alloys, which are extremely popular. This will also have the Hypergram, Dekagram, and Ampliform, among many others. They are targeting the present motorsport lovers and the people inclined towards the NFT market.

According to the Founder and CEO of Grease Monkey Games, Arran Potter, this partnership with Konig will indeed turn out to be immensely beneficial for both entities. The NFts that will be delivered will provide all of their connected players with the opportunity to explore various ways and means of connecting with their games. There is also the aspect of interoperability throughout all of their titles, through which the players will be in the position of having ownership as well as utilizing their NFTs in ways of their choosing.

In terms of Grease Monkey Games, it is an affiliate of Animoca Brands. It is an Australian video game studio that was formally founded in Melbourne in 2013. Animoca Brands, on the other hand, is an absolute top corporation involved in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification. It promotes digital property rights while aiding in establishing the open metaverse.

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