Gryfyn X Animoca Brands: Boosts fan connection

Gryfyn, which is a new-age Web3 wallet, has formed mutually beneficial associations with Animoca Brands Japan and Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Here on, collectively, they will be engaged in scouring the ways of furthering fan connectivity throughout Honda’s many motorsport-related programs, as well as the community attached to the company. 

In order to be able to achieve this, they will be relying on blockchain technology, along with Gryfyn’s safe wallet, as a base for building one-of-its-kind exposures that will be duly provided to motorsport enthusiasts. Further to that, there will be the opportunity for fans to carry out interactive sessions. The initial phase will be via the Honda Indy 200, which is slated for July 2023 and will be held at Mid-Ohio.  

Gryfyn, along with Animoca Brands and Hex Trust, have formed a coalition and are into providing a custodial crypto wallet. This provides the opportunity for users to be able to gain digital exposure, as well as have control over their digital assets, and link up with their selected brands, all in a safe environment. 

Animoca Brands Japan is an affiliate of Animoca Brands and is a top global Web3 company, which comes with an entire arsenal of motorsport games and products built with the support of MotoGP and various motorsport brands. 

Where Hex Trust is concerned, it provides regulated bank-specific safety features and a custody framework for convenient linking with the ever-growing Web3 ecosystem. 

Animoca Brands, by itself, is involved in digital entertainment, along with blockchain and gamification. Their focus lies in promoting digital property rights and helping in setting up the open metaverse. 

Through this association, it will be possible to improve the overall motorsport exposure for the many Honda enthusiasts by providing unique digital and real-world prizes that will be part of a fan engagement program. The Honda Indy 200 will offer free Honda paraphernalia and gifts. Together, Gryfyn, Animoca Brands Japan, and Honda will be concentrating on heightening fan connectivity opportunities.   

Scott Cook

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