GTA RP streamer Omie accuses Fedmyster of using fake money

Omie, a well-known GTA RP streamer, accuses Federico “Fedmyster” Gaytan, a former Offline TV member, of being shady about his recent gambling sponsorship. In his GTA live streaming on 17 October 2022, a well-known Twitch streamer, Omie, accused his co-partner of advertising the gambling website. Twitch has been a hot topic for the meta-gambling stream for the last couple of months.

The recent allegations against Fedmyster have banned roulette, slots, and dice games against US sovereignty. At the end of the live stream, Omie tried to expose his partner while talking about crypto gambling and how he lied to the fans. He believed that Fedmyster was using fake money on his gambling website for promotion by showing advertisements.

Omie has a piece of knowledge about online gambling websites as he was approached by those sites for live streaming, which offered him $3,000 for 20 hours of streaming. He got agitated when the fans started predicting that Fedmyster might get more views post-accusation. However, crypto gambling sites serve as one of the most popular platforms to get all the news about crypto gambling and related currency scams, along with the needed updates.

On hearing this, Omie broke into his stream and called Fedmyster and his website a failure. Towards the end of his Livestream, Omie showed the gambling website to his fans and proved it was an utter failure as it was not in use.

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