GuildFi Collaborates with Ascenders, A Fantasy Action RPG

Ascenders is an open-world sci-fantasy role-playing game that comes with a completely decentralized economy, driven by players and run by Avalanche. It combines two of the most well-established gaming titles – Eve: Online and Zelda: A Breath of the Wild and crafts a game with a well-designed virtual MMO economy and a renowned overworld. There are a plethora of key aspects to the Ascenders game, such as Dungeon Clearing, City Building, and Open Exploration –

  • Dungeon Clearing – This occurs when the lands are packed with enemies. Players need to clear out lands in order to earn multiple rewards by fighting with these enemies and hence allowing communities to start their construction. 
  • City Building – As the name suggests, City Building involves crucial aspects that are accompanied by various infrastructure. For example, Silos, Hospitals, Guildhalls, and ArmourSmiths. Each of these comes with different sets of utilities. 
  • Open Exploration – This is where players can explore and find hidden dungeons, rare resources, and new lands.

There are several key components involved in a metagame, such as Ascenders, that give rise to 3 distinctive professions: Builder, Fighter, and Explorer. 

Builders primarily focus on City Building, and Fighters focus on the Dungeon Clearing activity, while Explorers focus on Open Exploration. The economy of Ascenders is a dynamic one as the Builder, Fighter, and Explorer work as well as trade with one another to craft and create NFTs, including helmets, buildings, and swords. Players can either choose any one profession or all three options based on their choices.

Ascenders x GuildFi 

GuildFi has made significant investments in the Ascenders game in $AGC, the governance token of Ascenders, to improve this collaboration. The GuildFi team has shown excitement to onboard their community onto the wonderful game, and they are certain that community members will enjoy having multiple options and flexibility for their convenient mode of gameplay. 

Ascenders is an enthralling game that focuses on the details of graphics and the exciting modes of the game. These impressive factors will provide an attractive product to the GuildFi community members who will willingly take the vital step of participating in the Play-and-Earn activity, according to GuildFi’s Head of Business Development and Co-founder, Kit. 

CEO of the Legendary Foundry Games, Jackson Koon, showed extreme pride while announcing the collaboration of GuildFi’s Web 3.0 ecosystem of NFTs, games, and communities with Ascenders. He also added that the team would work closely with the platform to develop interoperability across Metaverses and enhance a player’s gaming experience.

GuildFi is an interconnected Web 3.0 ecosystem of NFTs, games, and communities, and it operates with the key objective of maximizing players’ benefits that allow interoperability across Metaverses. Anyone can start their journey with GuildFi and discover games, select their choice of guilds, utilize gaming instruments and boost their yields depending on their engagement and performance across several games in Metaverse.

Trevor Holman

Trevor Holman follows crypto industry since 2011. He joined CryptoNewsZ as a news writer and he provides technical analysis pieces and current market data. He is also an avid trader. In his free time, he loves to explore unexplored places.

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