Gulf Xellence announces the much-awaited annual “Global Tech Innovation Summit & Awards” on March 8th & 9th, 2023 in Singapore

Blockchain | Crypto | DeFi | NFT | AI | Metaverse | Cyber Security

Summit Overview: Where Technology Transforms Lives!

Following the success of the first edition Global Tech Innovation Summit in UAE, where tech pioneers, crypto projects, VC’s, Business entrepreneurs, and individual investors gathered to discuss Blockchain, Crypto, Cyber Security, DeFi, Metaverse, GameFi, and NFT- the hottest topics within the web3 ecosystem. The summit featured several companies showcasing their developments and technologies to participants. Over 1000+ people attended the event in person.

Moreover, Gulf Xellence participated online with more than 3000 people worldwide. The summit was attended by some of the well-known influential figures” including but not limited to:-

  • Ronaldinho Gaucho followers on social media are 145M+
  • Wesley Sneijder followers on social media are 11M+
  • Marco Materazzi followers on social media are 3M
  • Diego Lugano followers on social media are 2M+
  • Kevin Kuranyi followers on social media are 110k+

The summit also witnessed the participation of renowned media such as CNN, Yahoo, Cointelegraph, Nasdaq, Bloomberg, and 100+ crypto media companies. Gulf Xellence is proud to organize the 2nd edition of the summit dedicated to innovative technologies, bringing together the biggest names, and thought leaders who are actively shaping the tech industry. The summit features enterprise use cases, inspirational keynotes, panel discussions, tech talks, crypto fireside chats, start-up speed pitches, competitions, and awards with agenda enlisted key industry leaders to bring you stories of their successes and failures and to reveal the insights you need to embrace impactful technological change right now.

We are inviting developers, entrepreneurs, and investors to network to share their journeys and be a part of an exciting conference in an incredible city that embraces technology and innovation. Gulf Xellence will be looking forward to warmly welcoming you again to Singapore to help expand the frontiers of the web 3 ecosystems.

Summit Focus

  • Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Web.3
  • Smart Innovations
  • Digital Asset Trading & Trends
  • Decentralized Economy
  • DeFi & NFTs
  • Smart Technologies
  • AI & Cyber Security
  • Metaverse
  • GameFi

Event Snap Shots

  • 30+ Speakers & Panelists
  • 2 Keynotes
  • 7 Panel Discussions
  • 20 Key Leader/ Selected Sponsor Presentations
  • 2 Days 3000+ Online Attendees
  • 500+ Global Attendees
  • Participants
  • Government & Regulatory Bodies
  • C-Level & Directors
  • Investors & Business Leaders
  • Tech Developers
  • Family Offices
  • Tech and Futuristic Influencers
  • AI Projects
  • DeFi & NFT Projects
  • Blockchain & Crypto Pioneers
  • Tech Legal Firms
  • Technology Companies
  • Renowned Media Agencies

Attendee Breakdown

Investors 25%
Tech Professionals 10%
Corporates 15%
Crypto Projects 25%
Media 05%
Others 20%

Why Attend the Summit?

  • The summit’s program is designed to offer learning and insight as well as discussion with some of the industry’s leading minds.
  • Build a ‘world class’ network around Blockchain, Emerging Eech, Decentralized Finance, NFTs, DLT, and Protocols with relevant industry leaders.
  • Learn the basics about the ‘Decentralized Economy’, its development and future vision.
  • Be involved and engaged in the emerging/ futuristic technology. Discover products and new technology from top tech companies and projects.
  • Learn why both retail and institutions are massively investing in Blockchain & Crypto Space.
  • Meet the most innovative enterprise, start-ups, and key investors at Global Tech Innovation Summit. 

Benefits of Partnering With Us

  • Unique opportunity to meet C-Suite attendees & Investors.
  • Brand recognition & Awareness within the key geographical location.
  • Grow your credentials as a thought leader.
  • Showcase your platform to the relevant target audience.
  • Broaden your exposure in the marketplace and create a positive impression on your business on a global scale.
  • A pitching opportunity for start-ups will unite some of the agilest entrepreneurs and high-impact investors.
  • Identify those who might be prospects for your products or services.
  • Build partnerships and alliances and understand cutting-edge innovative technologies, which will define and drive the industry’s future.
  • Gives your platform and market-leading the unrivaled opportunity to position your brand, services, and tools within the technical and developer community.
  • Global Tech Innovation summit offers an incomparable platform to connect with industry experts, get your business done and position your company for future success.

Easy Ways to Participate


For inquiries related to this event, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Gulf Xellence Exhibiting/ Administration/ Media

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Email: [email protected]

Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson has been following the crypto market for the past seven years. As a crypto news journalist, he has recently joined our team. He regularly delivers the most recent happenings of the crypto space. He enjoys writing poems and exploring various crypto trading platforms in his spare time.

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