GXShares : The Future of GXS Cryptocurrency

The amount of data that we generate every day has increased drastically. Each of these data has different size, velocity, and format. Processing all of this information efficiently and securely is a challenge.  GXShares has declared itself as a data trading network which offers copyright protection, protection of user privacy and traceability all at the same time. The customers of GXShare comprises of companies that require data exchange demands like government organizations, internet financial enterprises insurance companies, and banks. Major telecommunication providers are also using GXShare.


To simplify things even further on matters of what GXS does, it can be said that GXS provides selective data about transactions and credit from an enormous pool of big data.

This specific information can be used by companies to gather a report on their current or future revenues. For example, in the case of an insurance company, it could use the data gathered by GXShare to make background checks on their clients. This feature of GXS makes it more popular among bank and consumer loan companies.

Even for individuals, the information provided by GXS will be useful as it offers them exciting information that would not be available otherwise. For instance, in the field of investigative journalism, the data provided by GXS can be used to uncover data about individuals whom they are investigating.

The primary focus of GXS is the gathering of data in a real-time scenario and making them useful to regular users as easily as possible.



Like any other cryptocurrency, GXS can be obtained through mining and trading. There is a total of 5 million GXS tokens reserved by the GXShare foundation, for the GXS mining pool. The GXS cryptocurrency is available for trading in many exchanges such as Bit-Z, Gate.io, Binance, QBTC, etc. Traders can also exchange G00XS for ETH, USDT, BTC, and CNY.

The GXShare tokens can be stored securely in the official GXS Wallet. The GXS Wallet is made available on various platforms so that its users can conveniently save all the tokens.


GXshare is unique in the fact that it is an integral part of a complex ecosystem. This is unlike other cryptocurrencies in the market, where they are based on peer-to-peer transactions.

GXS on its own is a decentralize blockchain platform and marketplace that supports trading.  Unlike other cryptocurrencies which are based on PoS, the GXChain is based on Proof-of-Credit Shares algorithm. This algorithm is specially designed to help the data exchange consensus.


Currently, the GXChain holds 88th rank in the overall cryptocurrency list. The past year performance was depressing, where the coin moved down the ladder from 60th position.  But the new bullish pressure is very evident as there is a slow but steady increase in its value in the market. Analysts predict that GXShare can rise in value soon and is a safe bet for traders who are looking for long term investments.

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