Hacash.Diamonds Partners With Neo for a Unique NFT

Hacash.Diamonds and Neo have entered into a partnership to promote Hacash Diamonds, also known as HACD, jointly. The partnership aims to take it to the mainstream market, making it the next store of value.

The announcement comes when it is the third birthday of HACD, a Proof-of-Work NFT that was first mined on May 16, 2019. HACD has witnessed a slow growth despite being a fully developed Proof-of-Work mechanism, a story that is very much like that of Bitcoin. However, the pace is about to get a boost with the joint efforts of Hacash.Diamonds and Neo.

Ken You, the Founder of Hacash.Diamonds called this partnership an honor for the company, adding that he was confident about leading the HACD community and making 1H1B DAO & 1H1B NFT into the mainstream DAO.

Ken You stated that Hacash.Diamonds was willing to support HACD in all aspects by working in collaboration with the strong ecology of Neo, including Neo Wallet partners and the Neo NFT marketplace.

Hacash.Diamonds plans to develop cross-chain tools between the HACD chain and Neo to facilitate the free flow of HACD into the Neo blockchain.

John Wang, the Director of Ecosystem Growth at NGD, highlighted that the priority of the partnership would be to first work on 1H1B DAO to focus on Proof-of-Work non-fungible tokens. John Wang said that Neo expects to provide a chance for the HACD holders to get acquainted with Neo and its premium Neoverse series NFTs through this partnership.

1H1B DAO drives 1H1B NFT, an unreserved NFT that is transparent and based on membership. It will mint 1H1B NFT as proof to promote that 1 HACD equals 1 BTC.

Hacash.Diamonds is a perfect platform for collecting HACD in the community, and it is the largest and the most trusted platform for the same. Hacash.Diamonds functions with a commitment to spreading the generative art to prompt HACD to become the store of value in the mainstream market.

The platform is a collective effort of members who identify themselves as serial entrepreneurs. Their work includes offering scarcity tools, HACD browser, OTC guarantee services, decentralized exchanges, NFT art exhibition services, and NFT platform guarantee services.

Neo was established in 2014 as a community-driven blockchain platform. It is an open-source and the most feature-complete blockchain platform that enables developers to build decentralized applications.

Developers can further digitize and automate the management of assets by deploying smart contracts. Neo’s additional services include providing decentralized storage, domain name service, and oracle services.

The NFT market has been rising recently; however, Proof-of-Work NFTs remain isolated as a niche market. They are expected to play an important role in bringing a tremendous change in the industry but only after the mainstream public chain supporting PoW NFTs meets the company that complements the collaboration by supporting the first PoW NFT HACD.

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