Hana declares Multichain Restaking Trinity with Eigenlayer and Babylon

Hana Network, the gateway for EigenLayer and Babylon, is pleased to announce the multichain restaking trinity. Hana Network has always focused on user onboarding apps, and it is also known as a Proof of Stake blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint consensus engine. Hana is a very popular application with approximately 200,000 users at present. Eigenlayer provides security to the Hana network using Ethos and Babylon, which operates as a PoS blockchain. Hana users get the benefits of boosting BTH Security, privacy pool size, and prizes from Hana, Eigen, and Babylon.

The most talked-about feature of Hana is its ability to provide constructive input to ETH security as a stakeholder. Another key advantage of Hana is that the benefits increase with liquidity. It maximizes liquidity for Hana’s on-off ramp applications while also contributing to EigenLayer and Babylon’s TVL. A well-balanced combination of Hana gateway and multichain restaking creates a new, fascinating UX.  

Hana gateway is an interface platform for the Hana network, and the Hana gateway testnet is already available. The combination between Hana Gateway and multichain restaking has resulted in a seamless staking experience. The feature-rich Hana gateway will serve as the bridge between the Eigenlayer and Babylon ecosystems, resulting in new network effects. The development of the Hana gateway is undeniably a technological milestone, and Hana has simplified crypto. Hana has become well-known as a multichain wallet that enables dApps, governance, and asset management. It ensures multichain operability across most networks, including Bitcoin and EVM chains. Hana will be dubbed “simple multichain crypto on the go,” and all assets may be controlled with a simple HANA application.

Hana supports top blockchain networks such as ICON, Binance, Kusama, Ethereum, Polkadot, and Moonbeam. It provides a bird’s-eye view of all assets and a secure means to handle all tokens and NFTs across several blockchains. Hana prioritizes customer security and includes features such as key management, security audits, and biometrics. Hana is extremely popular since it has become the single wallet for all multichain assets, and thanks to the Hana team for this fantastic feat.

Hana’s declaration of multichain restaking trinity with Eigenlayer and Babylon is an unfathomably magnificent accomplishment. Apps for user onboarding, such as Hana, have become immediate hits due to the ingenuity and foresight of their developers. Hana is endowed with an abundance of advantages, which significantly attests to its credibility and standing. The staking experience that the one and only Hana provides is extraordinary, distinct, and unparalleled. Hana network content includes altered images of technological innovation, and the company is poised to resume its success trajectory in 2024.

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