Harmony Joins Forces with Covalent for Improved Data Accessibility

Harmony, a proof-of-stake blockchain, was released in June 2019 with its mainnet. Since then, the network has grown its community to over 500,000 active platform users on multiple cross-chain ecosystems. Some of these platforms are Aave, Curve, and Sushi, showing Harmony’s substantial growth over the years.

The network has decided to join hands with Covalent, equipping developers with unprecedented data accessibility. The integration will allow users to access the renowned querying and indexing solutions for blockchain networks with a unified API. The initial integration stage means Harmony developers can access rich and granular data to develop apps quickly and simply.

In September 2021, the blockchain released its treasury to 300 million dollars, which it will use to share 50,000 dollars worth of equity-free grants to members who bring innovative ideas. 

With such dedication, Harmony attracts developers to work on its ecosystem organically. It is currently one of the most engaging and vibrant communities in the DeFi sector. Names like Tranquil Finance and DeFi Kingdoms also built their protocols on Harmony for the same reason. 

Ganesh Swami, Covalent CEO, talked about the recent development, praising the Harmony community. According to Gamesh, Harmony boasts unparalleled traction and energy in the blockchain community. Its sharding functionalities will assist developers in building and scaling projects without compromising security and decentralization. In addition, Covalent’s Unified API will also boost its development speed.

Harmony can now access Covalent’s API with the integration, which has added visibility and transparency across 26 blockchains. Its dataset currently supports 30,000+ price feeds, 200,000+ smart contracts, and 25+ billion dollars in transactions. 


Given the stature and features of the platforms, the collaboration is certain to be a hit.

Scott Cook

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