Harmony Launcher Partners with Lossless for Security Solutions

Harmony Launcher recently announced that it is partnering with Lossless. 

Lossless, the world’s first DeFi hack mitigation tool for token creators, will add value to the Harmony ecosystem by strengthening it through this partnership. Harmony Launcher’s vision has always been to enhance, develop, and add numerous other projects under the Harmony Blockchain, and with this partnership, Lossless will contribute to that goal.


Harmony Launcher is a pioneer as the first IGO and IDO launchpad and incubator with an integrated AMM DEX built on the Harmony Blockchain. 

The focus is to provide fundamental and necessary grounds for projects and newly launched companies to enable them to raise funds & enter into the market.

Lossless walks shoulder to shoulder with Harmony Launcher in the market. It is the world’s first-ever Decentralized Finance hack mitigation tool. The services are rendered mostly to the creators of a token. Lossless carries a reputation of housing the best professionals and cyber security solutions.

It deploys several methods of fraud identification to automatically reverse the tokens that were once stolen from the rightful owner.

Both of them coming together is a huge step in the industry, probably opening doors for others to get on board in the coming days.

Harmony Launcher x Lossless

The collaboration between Lossless and Harmony Launcher serves mutual benefits to both partners. 

The first benefit is Lossless security solutions. Harmony Launcher would be taking a step in this sector by promoting different ways to utilize and integrate the security solutions by Lossless.

Recommendations will be focused on those projects that are being launched through the Harmony Launcher Launchpad.

Another benefit that the partnership will have is that of strengthening the ecosystem. Lossless would suggest and encourage Harmony-based projects to launch using Harmony Launcher as part of this collaboration, strengthening the whole ecosystem by incorporating several projects under the Harmony Ecosystem.

Lossless is popularly known for its cyber security solutions, said Harshad, the Chief Executive Officer of Harmony Launcher. He added that the company believes that the partnership will enhance and secure many more Harmony-based projects that have the intention to launch with them.

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