HashCash Teams Up With Pharma Firm To Enter Blockchain-based Precision Healthcare System

HashCash Consultants has collaborated with a renowned Pharma firm to provide them with an innovative blockchain-oriented platform designed specifically for DNA sequencing. The project will be a part of a genome research initiative for precision medicines/drugs and is likely to channelize the sharing and recording procedures of DNA data in an organized and well-planned manner.

The official announcement affirmed that the new blockchain solution would render the patients and contributors with an opportunity to enjoy high degrees of control over their genome records. It will also give them a fair chance to employ the records as per their convenience and will. The leading organizations are also contemplating to come up with a token system focused on the data contributors involved in the research of precision medicines.

Raj Chowdhury, the honorable CEO of HashCash Consultants, shared his views on the collaboration stating that “The present structure has created a monopoly of data in a few hands, leading to unethical practices that need to stop. The implementation of an open-source, collaborative platform where publishers are in control of the data will accelerate the research and production of precision medicines while keeping the process transparent.”

An Insight Into The Blockchain Project For Genome Sequencing and Precision Medicine:

Precision medicines are entirely different from the “one size fits all” underlying principle of the traditional medicines. These medicines are manufactured after a deep study of the genetic makeup of a person with an intention to give more critically effective treatment. The genome study is an important methodology for advanced diagnosis of severe diseases like cancer, AIDS, etc.

The primary idea behind the mechanism is to render the patients with customized treatment and medication aided by extensive genome research. This requires a database as a pre-requisite and also has two issues associated with it. In the first place, it becomes difficult to get access to the massive genomic and healthcare datasets for gathering information. The second issue is the shareability and interoperability of data across geographic, technological, jurisdictional, and professional restrictions.

However, HashCash’s innovative system aims to solve both the issues with the help of lucrative attributes of blockchain technology.

HashCash’s Blockchain Solution For A DNA Database:

HashCash has proposed a blockchain supported solution which will give the patients, government institutions, researchers, health specialists, and providers of healthcare technology a fair chance to access data with ease and manage coordination with each other for precision medicines. The private key feature will ensure high-grade secure and reliable ecosystem amongst the patients and contributors. The solution is likely to aid advanced research, as well.

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