HashGuild NFT Marketplace Is Now on the Hedera Network

HashGuild is now on the Hedera Network, according to the blog post published by the HBAR Foundation. The entry of HashGuild further strengthens the position of the Hedera Network in the NFT ecosystem through a seamless user experience, high speed, and low fees.

In other words, HashGuild provides creators and collectors value for their investment with little to no impact on the environment with a lower carbon footprint.

Another way in which HashGuild rewards collectors and creators is by enabling them to earn points by undertaking different activities based on their interests. For instance, they can opt to promote the services of HashGuild on social media and earn points when someone signs up through their link.

Users who interact with the platform through trading have also been rewarded points. The service is not restricted to those who have already started with the platform but also to those who have started their journey at the time.

Beginners seek to comprehend different aspects of a platform and its services through the available tools. A tool that HashGuild provides is a set of tutorial videos; watching these rewards points to the users as well. Their points can be used to redeem spots on the whitelist and secure a share in the upcoming drops and raffles.

Upgradation of the usage of points is in the pipeline. Points, in the future, will become a token mechanism and be integrated directly into the HashGuild DAO.

Marcel Schadt, the Founder of HashGuild, stated that the platform aimed to become the top NFT infrastructure on the Hedera Network with a mission of empowering the experience of every collector & creator by elevating the NFT infrastructure of Hedera, making it capable of competing with the likes of Ethereum.

HashGuild looks to grant access to the NFT ecosystem not just to collectors and creators, including those lesser known in the space compared to the institutional-based with greater exposure. With the same goal, HBAR Foundation Supports the Launch of the Blade Wallet on the Hedera Network recently.

Now that HashGuild has launched on the Hedera Network, it has lined up its plans for the future with the support of Outlier Ventures.

Outlier Ventures and HashGuild share a chronology where the Ventures mentored HashGuild through the Hedera-Base Camp Programme. Details are currently unavailable; however, it is safe to assume that the plan is sustainable for the future.

HashGuild is driven by its proficient tech and leadership teams that have experience in building projects through the latest technologies. All the upcoming and current projects are based on the give-first mentality where users are prioritized.

The HBAR Foundation was established in 2021 to fuel the development of the Hedera ecosystem. It has, since its inception, focused on offering grants and resources to those who seek to launch their decentralized applications in the categories, namely NFT, DeFi, and gaming, to mention a few.

The Foundation extends its assistance with crucial functions like marketing, business development, and other operational functions.

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