Haulio Wins Prestigious PITCH Competition 2019 at RISE


Singapore’s largest network of haulage service providers, Haulio has been declared the winner of the PITCH 2019 Competition. Haulio is a collaborative business to business platform. The centralized company is currently working with more than 70% percent of Singapore’s hauliers and deals with over 2,000 trucks and 20,000 trailers.

At PITCH, such startups are given a world-class stage to voice their opinions, share industry insights, and underline any industry-specific requirements. This is a two-way stage, where such startups get exposure to Asia’s biggest investors. Great pitches about their respective startups earn them exposure, networking possibilities, and future business growth.

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Underlining the issue:

The seemingly important company gets surprisingly taken for granted and therefore, the need of pushing the boundaries in the Container Haulage Industry in terms of technological improvements, technological comfort for the industry workers, and so on, has got overlooked since a long time. This very challenge was highlighted by Haulio on the PITCH stage. Haulio specializes in container trucks. The co-founder of the company- Alvin Ea pointed at this challenge and said that the workers in this industry are “suffering silently from the inefficiencies.” The cargo industry has been going on in the same pattern, over a very long period and continues to do so. This has resulted in wastage of energy, resources, workforce, human effort, etc.; which could be saved by innovation and tech. He further added,

“Industry leaders want to transform their business, but they don’t know how. There are not many startups in the logistics industry for cargos.” 

The winning pitch:

The startup offers an operating system for containers haulage that supports the movement of the containers like ‘clockwork’ after it has reached the port. The company specializes in container trucks. The seemingly simple operating system offers-

  • The operating system saves a lot of time.
  • Valuable resources are saved for the
  • The efficiency ensures trusted movement of containers for businesses that heavily depend on the Container Haulage Industry.

The starting point of Haulio is PSA unboXed incubator. As of now, it is working with thousands of consignments of containers in the country. After winning the prestigious PTCH Competition, the co-founder of the company had the following to say,

“Winning PITCH is validation for our business. […] Containers are so big, but people do not actually notice them. We are trying to bring to the world stage, something that is hidden to many people. PITCH can help bring our company to the world stage and let people know this a problem worth solving.”

Gratitude from Alvin Ea:

Alvin Ea especially took some time to mention the importance of PITCH in helping to hone the pitching skills. Ea used to think that it is a real challenge to explain the entire business in just 3 minutes, but PITCH helped in making that possible. The co-founder further added, “I have to bring toy trucks, as they do not really understand the business to show them how it actually works!”

Further, Hualio is targeting to cater to several stakeholders in the Container Haulage industry. The aim is to move forward towards the digital transformation in the industry.

About RISE

RISE is a highly revered Asia’s technology gathering. RISE brings the world’s biggest investors, founders, multinationals, and young, exciting startups, all under one roof. The dynamic environment is bound to produce sizzling results.  It has got some prestigious mentions from big names of the industry that included CNBC. It is successfully running in its 5th year. The next gathering is expected to be in 2020. In the gathering, more than one hundred countries, the audience of more than 16K attendees will include over 70% percent senior management, more than 700 journalists, and more than 300 fifty speakers are going to participate in the upcoming event.

Web Summit, on the other hand, is the biggest summit in the entire world. It has got a special mention from big names such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Politico, the Guardian, and from Inc Magazine. Forbes says Web Summit is ‘the best tech conference on the planet’, Bloomberg calls it ‘Davos for geeks,’ Politico ‘the Olympics of tech,’ and the Guardian ‘Glastonbury for geeks,’ and in the words of Inc Magazine ‘Web Summit is the largest technology conference in the world.’

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