HBAR Foundation accelerates Hedera DeFi ecosystem growth

The HBAR Foundation is actively involved in enhancing the Hedera network’s evolving DeFi ecosystem. They have prioritized the task at hand. 

From 2021 onwards, HBAR is known to have stood by more than 200 projects, as well as startups and companies developing on Hedera. In exchange, the projects have contributed handsomely towards the overall growth of the ecosystem. As per the Q1 network statistics, there has been a daily TPS of 1,052, daily users reaching the figure of 16,800, and fresh users amounting to 8,400. 

The highlighting factor of HBAR is the creation and upgradation of the Hedera DeFi ecosystem, which brings into the picture heightened upgradability, acceleration, and a fee format, a boon for users. Now is the time of Hedera DeFi 2.0. 

The Foundation is utilizing the expertise of certain associates to maximize DeFi exposure for all. Plans are to release 100 million HBAR across the DeFi community to further know-how, provide added availability, and activate commerce. 

The company brings to the table an array of tools that are an integral part of the basic structure, which involve self managed wallets, as well as Hashpack, blade, Kabila, and other front ends. There is also stader liquid staking DAO tooling and some more. This is followed by liquidity management ICHI, DEXs, and AMMs, as well as tooling, consisting of oracles, pith and supra, node framework, and data visibility. Added to that are onramps and units of value, such as stablecoins, hUSDC, and others. 

Other prime segments include the WHBAR, the credit markets, their various offshoots, interoperability, and hUSDC.

Roxanne Williams

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