HBAR Foundation launches MetaMask Snap on Hedera Network

HBAR Foundation has announced the launch of MetaMask Snap on the Hedera Network, connecting more than 30 million users of MetaMask to a plugin that has been architected by Tuum Technologies. This marks a pivotal moment since the launch is merely the beginning. Per official statements, many more features and functions are expected to be available in the market in the coming times.

The objective of bringing Snap to the Hedera Network is to improve users’ experience via a streamlined process specifically for developers. They can further develop a customized plugin to be integrated with their applications based on MetaMask.

Since Hedera Wallet Snap eliminates the need for Hedera JSON-RPC Relay, experts are praising it. This allows users to retrieve their account information from the Hedera Mirror Node and the Hedera Consensus Node. Hedera has simultaneously published documentation on its official website. It briefly describes how a user can install Hedera Wallet Snap.

It can be installed in MetaMask Open Beta. Hedera Wallet Snap is available as a JavaScript NPM package on GitHub. Users who install the wallet gain access to the advanced native features of Hedera. Most importantly, the development puts to rest discussions around the safety of the MetaMask Wallet. This has been talked about in our MetaMask Wallet reviews which also shed light on the working mechanism of MetaMask Wallet.

Kiran Pachhai, the co-founder of Tuum Technologies, has called the Hedera Wallet Snap a sophisticated plugin that can empower developers, allowing them to back their applications beyond the native features that MetaMask otherwise offers. Kiran has further said that this is a significant step toward integrating decentralized technology into mainstream applications.

Shayne Higdon, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of the HBAR Foundation has stated that this is a pivotal moment, adding that more features and functionalities will eventually make their way into the market. Shayne has also said that it is an important development to enhance the interoperability of Hedera and introduce key features across the world. This pertains to speed, scalability, and energy efficiency.

The announcement does indeed sound pivotal. However, it has yet to impact the native token of the Foundation, HBAR. It was last seen exchanging hands at $0.07912, with a slip of 0.55% in the last 24 hours. It also marks a downfall of 3.56% in the previous 7 days. This comes after the approval of Bitcoin ETF applications when the crypto sphere was expected to make a strong comeback.

MetaMask Snap, going live on the Hedera Network, builds on the allocation of additional funds for the purpose of ecosystem development. The Hedera Council’s voting process led to its completion. Both developments highlight the efforts of the HBAR Foundation to develop its ecosystem for the community.

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