HBAR Foundation Supports the Launch of the Blade Wallet on the Hedera Network

The HBAR Foundation will facilitate the launch of Blade Wallet on the Hedera network in April 2022. Blade’s goal is to be the preferred portal for all those seeking control over their web3 actions and finances.

In terms of putting the old saying “social good makes good business sense,” the Blade squad focuses on identifying ‘community/market’ fit product lines that benefit the community while also being convenient for consumers.

The Blade Wallet blueprint includes the following significant characteristics that will be available to users:

  • Versions for Android and iOS (mobile friendly).
  • Enterprise-level security (fully audited).
  • Decentralized liquidity is available (DEXs).
  • ‘Play to L-Earn’ gaming is available.
  • Meaningful chances to be rewarded for participating in-network consensus (staking).
  • A trustworthy store of value and buying power (stablecoins).
  • Capability to manage and trade NFT portfolios.
  • Earning potential through referrals and other reward programs.

To create something more than a crypto wallet, the Blade squad specially picked Hedera, the most exemplary network that offers its consumers:

  • Enhanced performance without jeopardizing security
  • Transactions are completed quickly (10x faster than other blockchain alternatives)
  • Gas prices are low and easy to predict.
  • The carbon footprint is negative.

The Blade team concentrates on improving community-valued features and functionality to ensure users have access to the most refined cutting-edge innovation, achievement, and safety.

Furthermore, the Blade squad will seek out opportunities to endorse as well as provide access to minority and marginalized communities, recognizing that the community has far more than one path to control and utilize its wealth. Blade Foundation is carrying out this work with the help of Blade Wallet. The Blade Foundation is already collaborating with non-profit organizations like the Living Waters Phuket Foundation to generate great impact businesses in the Hedera community, 

They believe that the role of web3 technology is to empower financial inclusion for the more than two billion people who are frequently left off and never cross the yawning gap of technological innovation. The Blade Foundation’s mission is to invite everybody to join them on their journey to create a more inclusive world through capitalist systems and techniques.

About The HBAR Foundation

The HBAR Foundation, established in 2021, promotes the growth of the Hedera ecosystem by providing funding and other resources to devs, entrepreneurs, and organizations seeking to release dapps in DeFi, NFTs, CBDCs, Sustainability, gaming, as well as other sectors. In addition to offering funding through a simplified grant process, The HBAR Foundation serves as an incorporated force multiplier by supplying expert support across technological, marketing, corporate development, and other functional areas required for scaling.

Trevor Holman

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