Hedera data tracking: Staking rewards for 300K+

Staking Rewards, a top provider of Web3 staking info and analysis, has recently made an exciting announcement – the addition of Hedera to their staking explorer. This integration will now give more than 300,000 monthly users access to Hedera’s decentralized public ledger that is based on proof-of-stake. By doing so, Staking Rewards hopes to further improve transparency and offer important data related to Hedera, which in turn should encourage a safer Web3 environment.

Hedera stands out in the cryptocurrency space due to its advanced consensus algorithm – leaderless, asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT) hashgraph consensus. This cutting-edge technology has made Hedera a desirable choice for investors and developers alike.

The collaboration with Staking Rewards not only amplifies the reach of the Hedera ecosystem but also furnishes beneficial knowledge and learning materials to users. Both single and institutional investors will gain from live market information, a user-friendly portfolio, and computational tools, as well as comprehensive research on the staking sector. With a complete variety of customers, including financial firms, trading platforms, stalkers, custodians, dApps, and digital wallets in its scope, Staking Rewards strives for more transparency across the crypto staking domain.

Staking Rewards’ comprehensive data services are powered by their powerful Staking Rewards API. This API supports over 170 different Proof of Stake protocols and works in collaboration with more than 50 well-known validators. The data provided is meticulously updated, enriched, and optimized to make sure users have access to the most accurate information possible at all times.

Staking Rewards is devoted to being transparent, and their Verified Staking Program (VSP) has been a major part of that. Since launching just one year ago, 48 leading providers have joined the VSP. This program serves as an efficient rating system for people to compare and assess different staking possibilities.

Staking Rewards not only collects and analyses data but is also devoted to encouraging cooperation and the spread of knowledge within the staking sector. The firm hosts once a year The Staking Summit, an occasion that brings together validators, protocols, businesses, and other key people involved in Proof of Stake blockchain technology. This spot serves as a gathering point for acquiring wisdom, making connections as well as examining burgeoning trends in the staking field.

Hedera is delighted to collaborate with Staking Rewards and is looking forward to taking advantage of its proficiency and substantial user base. By connecting with Staking Rewards’ staking explorer, Hedera hopes to encourage more widespread acceptance and comprehension of its particular services in the cryptocurrency universe.

The crypto industry is progressing rapidly, and Staking Rewards is a key platform that supplies dependable data and intelligence to investors and stakeholders. By integrating with Hedera, they are taking a big stride towards constructing an energetic community while affirming their status as one of the preeminent Web3 staking platforms.

Staking Rewards and Hedera are both sure that their joint effort will help expand the crypto sector. As more people are taking part in staking activities, the partnership between Staking Rewards and Hedera is a welcomed addition for all parties interested.

The crypto world is eagerly anticipating what the results of this alliance may bring, hoping that it will lead to greater transparency and usability when looking at staking data and analysis. Staking Rewards’ commitment to educating people about these matters and Hedera’s pioneering strategies for decentralization suggest a bright future lies ahead for Web3 staking.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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