Hedera wallet snap now supports smart contract service

Hedera wallet snap now supports smart contract service

The team at Tuum Technologies has announced the release of an updated version of the Hedera Wallet Snap. The Token Service and Smart Contract Service of Hedera are now completely integrated with the wallet snap. The most recent update to MetaMask unlocks a plethora of opportunities.

The latest innovation opens up a new gateway to infinite possibilities, and the recent developments will enhance the functionality of MetaMask, a crypto wallet software. MetaMask is the recommended option for managing digital assets and creating innovative applications. It offers a precise, feature-rich, fantastic, and unprecedented way to get in touch with digitally backed assets.

With the addition of support for the Hedera Smart Contract Service (SCS), a new category of Hedera apps may be built with autonomous, self-executing logic. Smart Contract creation, update, and deletion, as well as calling and retrieving of Smart Contract functions, and access to Smart Contract bytecode and information, are all part of its set of smart features.

Retail users now have access to a robust platform that combines the ease of use of MetaMask with the advanced capabilities of Hedera, thanks to the integration of Hedera’s Token Service and Smart Contract Service into MetaMask. The intuitive features of MetaMask are combined with the innovative capabilities of Hedera to create a distinctive combination. Transactions with both fungible and nonfungible tokens are currently feasible once the integration of both mechanisms is implemented.

The unique integration utilizes its effectiveness and classically cost-efficient features. This update enhances the accessibility and security of digital assets, while also simplifying participation in the digital economy. The international cryptocurrency market is presented with a plethora of opportunities stemming from the recent development.


The potential for digital assets to be utilized will increase as new developments are announced. With MetaMask’s immense potential, even the most typical builders can develop sophisticated and time-tested applications. The cryptocurrency marketplace as a whole benefits from Hedera’s high-quality and environmentally friendly platform.

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