• HedgeTrade takes a deep dig due to market pressure.
  • Intraday trading expected to remain boring.

HedgeTrade (HEDG) reflects a heavy fall in the price. The intraday movement in the coin is quite disturbing. The intraday trading in HEDG wouldn’t bring much today as we see the market trend to be declining. The traders can stay put and wait for the recovery to come out of the loss.

In yesterday’s market, the price of HedgeTrade was seen trading at a high of $0.932485 and a low of $0.918700. The volume marked in the HEDG as on September 18, 2019, was $444,238.

HEDG to USD Price Chart:

HEDG Chart By TradingView

The above chart is a data feed from Bittrex as on September 19, 2019. Yesterday, the opening hours kept the price at 0.00009011 BTC. The escalation in price took it to 0.00009120 BTC from 0.00009020 BTC by 1.14%. Further, there was another jump in the coin. The counters switched from 0.00009074 BTC to 0.00009129 BTC marking a progression of 0.60%. Today, the uptrend remained intact which took the price to 0.00009152 BTC from 0.00009129 BTC by 0.26%. The currency started slipping since then. The current price of HEDG is at 0.00009125 BTC.

HedgeTrade (HEDG) is a volatile coin. In the coming days, there is a high possibility for the coin to reflect an uptrend. We are anticipating that the market would also recover with time. The 7-day high touched by HEDG was $0.948381 and the lowest was at $0.891380. The traders interested HEDG can opt for short term investment for booking a colossal profit.