Helium mobile forges a collaboration with LongFi solutions

Helium Mobile has created an exclusive partnership with LongFi Solutions to introduce its mobile network solutions to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Prior to this, LongFi had been utilizing the Helium network for linking purposes. The co-founders of Helium, Jose Torres and Andrew Warshauer, along with LongFi’s Josh Keller, have been involved in positioning cellular and IoT networks in the US and Latin American neighborhoods. They understand that this facility is necessary for all inhabitants, which is why they are committed to expanding it further.

In order to develop prototypes that address the unique connectivity needs of the local population, LongFi has been in close collaboration with them for some time. It then strives to address all concerns associated with connecting the necessary voids. To provide a more effective solution, they engaged consumers and business entities in the identification of problem areas in Oaxaca.

Both entities concentrated on areas and their corresponding populations that felt disconnected from the necessary connectivity, and they devised solutions to provide them with a mobile network service that exceeded their expectations.

The Oaxaca exercise underscores the significance of decentralized wireless technology in the telecom sector. This system was significantly more advanced than previous ones, establishing a standard for all future solution providers considering network expansion. 

The Helium mobile hotspots enable the population to enjoy the sheer luxury of advanced connectivity in their mobile networks. Connecting to the Helium Network through these hotspots ensures that devices with compatible SIM cards can access high-quality, uninterrupted mobile service, provided that there is coverage in the region.


Long Fi Solutions support Helium’s enterprise and commercial collaborations and decentralized wireless network improvements. 

Scott Cook

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