Helium Mobile introduces unlimited nationwide plan in the US

Helium Mobile recently launched its nationwide unlimited plans in the US. Priced at $20 per month, the unlimited talk, data, and text plan is eight times more affordable than the average US cell bill.

Backed by the nation’s largest 5G network, the plan is accompanied by Helium Mobile outdoor hotspots. The Outdoor Helium Mobile Hotspot is priced at $499, while the Indoor Helium Mobile Hotspot is priced at $249.

Given the sheer buzz surrounding the announcement, the news steered users’ attention to Helium Mobile and related subsidiaries. Its crypto became a big talking point among users as they looked for a Helium crypto price prediction to reassess their portfolios.

As for the new launch, Helium Mobile released an official post on its website. The post by Helium Mobile talked about the releases and the motivation behind them. The company stated that major carriers have quietly decreased their data limits while raising prices in the past year.

Amir Haleem, the CEO of Nova Labs (Helium Mobile’s parent company), talked about the development. Haleem stated that traditional carriers assume they hold American consumers over a barrel.

However, at Helium Mobile, everyone believes that cell phones should be considered a necessity, with limitless texting, calling, and data. The company is sick of carriers boosting subscription costs, data fees, and roaming fees to justify free phone upgrades. The CEO went on to say that America deserves better.

The unlimited pack caters to the audience using TikTok, Snap, Instagram, YouTube, etc. With unlimited data, users can stream, game, or post all day on these platforms at affordable prices.

The average American spends $157 a month on a cellular plan. But Helium is facilitating an unlimited plan for only $20 a month.

In a similar fashion, the company has introduced two mobile hotspots. Both options appear user-friendly and are priced in a reasonable range for the average consumer. Given the rising dependency on a stable internet connection for day-to-day activities, Helium Mobile’s plans are expected to be a great hit.

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