Helium Network is now active on Solana

The Helium Network is presently active on Solana, and every single hotspot is being minted in the form of an NFT. This is indeed a splendid occurrence on Solana, making it cost-prohibitive on other blockchains. Helium was instrumental in starting a wireless network that was boosted by users. It had 1 million hotspots positioned. 

Helium, as an entity, is a decentralized wireless network, along with being the biggest LoRaWAN network globally. It offers wireless connectivity through the constellation of hotspots that have been positioned by users, as well as businesses across all corners of the globe. It is spread over 192 countries. The complete deal of wireless coverage is in places like Lisbon, Los Angeles, and New York, as well as London, Zurich, and many other places. The community associated with Helium has also been actively engaged in the positioning of 5G coverage, having over 8,000 5G radios. 

With Helium now being active on Solana, it is a great occasion for both of the connected communities. There will now be more chances for Helium to achieve its goal of becoming a decentralized wireless network. This is due to the access it will get to more resources, as well as better upgradability. The scaling of Helium will create fresh utilities on Solana in the form of composability, as well as smart contracts, DeFi, NFTs and various decentralized physical infra projects, and much more. 

All of this could not have been carried out on Helium’s Layer 1. On the whole, Helium being active on Solana exposes the ways in which decentralized physical framework projects are able to offer actual utility to users, along with them utilizing Solana’s unparalleled quickness, as well as nearly costless and energy-effective attributes.    

Scott Cook

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