Helix Swap simplifies decentralized trading for all

Helix, a well-known platform for decentralized trading, has released Helix Swap, an upgrade that strives to make the user experience better and aid in the extensive acceptance of decentralized trading. Through this new feature on Helix, users can swap assets from different trading pairs effortlessly with one single transaction without having to go through many steps.

Historically, if someone wanted to exchange one asset for another without a direct trading pair available, it could be a time-consuming task. By using Helix Swap, however, this issue is resolved, and users can make their trades quickly and easily.

If a person is attempting to exchange ATOM for INJ, however, there isn’t an accessible INJ/ATOM pair offered, Helix Swap permits them to do this deal in one straightforward action. This eliminates the requirement of having to switch from ATOM/USDT to INJ/USDT, thereby providing a smooth trading experience.

Helix Swap’s primary benefit is that it takes advantage of the on-chain order book structure from Injective, which allows trades to be completed with utmost speed and cost efficiency. This makes trading convenient for users by eliminating any lags in completing transactions while also making them transparent.

How to use Helix Swap?

Step 1: Access Helix Swap

Navigate to the Trade section on the top-bar navigation and choose “Swap” from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Select Asset and Amount

Choose the desired asset and enter the amount you wish to swap. Alternatively, you can click on “MAX” to use your maximum available balance for the conversion.

Step 3: Confirm and Approve the Swap

Review the conversion details and click “Swap” to proceed. A transaction approval request will appear in the connected wallet. Once approved, the swap order will be executed.

Monitor your trade history

To view the details of your trades, go to “Activity,” select “Spot Orders,” and then choose “Trade History” to get a full summary of all your transactions.

Advanced settings for personalization

Helix Swap gives users the ability to customize their slippage tolerance. By default, it is set to a 0.5% limit for spot conversions but can easily be changed by selecting “Settings” from the conversion window.

Helix Swap has created an easy-to-navigate platform and streamlined the process of decentralized trading, making it open to everyone, which in turn increases its popularity. This technology is leading the way for what finance can be like in the future by creating products that address the needs of those in the crypto space.

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