Henry Cejudo and Zed Run partner to reward a lucky winner

Henry Cejudo, popularly known as Triple C, has joined hands with Zed Run, a blockchain-based horse race simulator. The UFC superstar has partnered with the brand to reward a lucky fan with something very exciting: two tickets to the next UFC event with a chance to meet and greet him in person.

The next UFC event is UFC 288; it is scheduled to happen on May 6, 2023, at the Prudential Center in New Jersey.

The giveaway contest by Zed Run, in association with Henry Cejudo is live until April 21, 2023. The winner’s name will be announced on the same day at 1 a.m. UTC. Participants only have to sign up on the official website of Zed Run and play multiple races to accumulate their chances of winning the reward. Every race brings a single entry.

Meaning, multiple races have multiple entries and, hence, higher chances of winning.

The giveaway reward includes 2-floor tickets, specifically, a VIP greet and meet session with the champion himself, and $2,000 to cover travel and accommodation. The giveaway contest has been announced by Triple C on Twitter, saying that the winner will have a chance to witness him making history at the venue.

UFC 288 on May 6, 2023, brings Cejudo face-to-face with Aljamain Sterling, where the latter is tasked with defending the bantamweight belt against Triple C.

Henry Cejudo has already won the division championship twice and an Olympic gold medal, earning him the nickname Triple C.

Launched in 2018, Zed Run enables players to participate in horse races and then purchase those horses as non-fungible tokens. Zed Run hosts over 150,000 races per month, making it one of the leading players in the NFT sports niche. While established players know the rules and gameplay, new players can review the Zed Run beginners’ guide before registering on the platform to improve their chances of winning.

Zed Run is highly suitable for Web devices, and it functions on Ethereum and Polygon blockchain networks. Horses bought as NFTs account for a great contribution to the virtual stable that players own. Horses can breed and race against each other. This helps players grow their legacy and earn revenue by buying and selling those NFTs.

Zed Run Wallet makes the gameplay interesting, which speeds up the transactions by ten times without charging any transaction or gas fees.

Horses can be bought from OpenSea and Hawku, where owners advertise heavily. Owning and selling horses in Zed Run is self-explanatory; however, breeding is a bit more complicated. To start with, only players who own a stable can breed. Next, they must have sufficient wETH in their wallet. Finally, they must have a strategy in their minds since creating new offspring from male and female horses comes with the added responsibility of making them useful.

Zed Run is as interesting as it sounds. The entry of Henry Cejudo has simply accelerated the excitement. Sign up at Zed Run and play multiple races to have a better chance of grabbing the giveaway reward.

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