Here’s How Aergo is Transforming Enterprise Blockchain Segment

The dominance of a centralized financial system is very well challenged by the emergence of blockchain technology. The open ledger has attracted the attention of many, thanks to its high safety and immutability characteristics. That said the evolving nature of blockchain had taken a negative toll on its adoption prospects. This is because of the various distributed applications (dApps) in the blockchain first need to be refined in order to meet the needs of a particular client and only then they can be implemented. The process is lengthy and cost-intensive although now we have names like Aergo, which is helping organizations to adopt the open ledger technology aligns with their specific needs without any comprehensive modifications and changes.

Aergo: Enterprise Blockchain Expert

The open network platform of the Aergo has been specifically designed, keeping in mind the requirements of different enterprises, and it can be easily customized without adding much on the cost front. Aergo is also cognizant that any delay in the business processes and their integration with the whole ecosystem can prove to be too costly and hence, its blockchain solutions can be readily combined with the existing processes of the enterprise to deliver fast and efficient results.

What makes Aergo Unique?

Among the key competencies of Aergo, the blockchain solution offered by the company is not biassed towards or against any of the stakeholders. It offers an equally strong position to each party involved – be it a business, developer, or partner.

The low-cost factor is the second important facet of services provided by Aergo as the integration of the blockchain platform doesn’t require you to invest heavily in a new ecosystem. Using the existing IT system of the company, one can build the Aergo blockchain network, which not only results in saving crucial funds for organization but also allows the integration to take place at a faster pace resulting in speedy implementation.

The third important distinctive competence of the enterprise blockchain offered by Aergo is its hybrid structure. The utility of the hybrid structure manifests in the form of a balance between the performance of the system and the security of the data. The hybrid structure takes care of both these aspects, which is absolutely wonderful.

Service Portfolio

Some of the key services provided by the Aergo include identity authentication, payment settlement services, document management, secure e-voting, and the internet of things. Various companies cutting across the industries have been benefited by the enterprise solution offered by Aergo. Take, for instance, one of the largest credit card companies in South Korea, which utilized the blockchain platform of Aergo and was able to reduce their security expenditures by as much as 90% while making their payment faster by 80%. The results are really phenomenal and testify the effectiveness of the enterprise blockchain solution provided by Aergo. Even the government agencies in South Korea are utilizing Aergo’s blockchain services to enhance the efficiency of their functions and processes. Using the Document Management services of Aergo in the real estate sector, the South Korean government agency is keeping the documents in automated form in order to prevent forgery or scams related to the fake real-estate occupations in the country.


Although we have witnessed a number of blockchain solutions of late, there are not more than a few handful names that are really doing good work and revolutionizing the field of enterprise blockchain applications. Aergo is one such name and its equal focus on all the three stakeholders involved in the enterprise blockchain space, i.e., enterprise, developers, and suppliers, makes the company stands out from its peers. The platform offered by the company is cost-effective and thanks to its open-source nature, there is no issue such as vendor lock-in. No wonder, Aergo is getting so much love and support from enterprises across the globe.

Trevor Holman

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