Heroes of NFT & Axelar to Build Cross-Chain Metaverse

Heroes of NFT recently released an official post announcing a partnership with Axelar. The collaboration will see the projects building a next-gen cross-chain metaverse.

The native Avalanche project will establish an infrastructure around Axelar to facilitate safe and seamless cross-chain interaction. Since Axelar aims to propose safe cross-chain communication across Web3, the latest development will bode well with both projects.

Heroes of NFT firmly believe that NFTs, metaverse, and GameFi cannot advance without cross-chain compatibility. If gamers wanted to stay restricted within one ecosystem, they would have kept playing titles like World of Warcraft.

However, the project must introduce advanced solutions since they desire cross-chain interactions. As NFTs thrive on their origin and uniqueness, they cannot be bridged or wrapped like traditional assets.

That is why the latest move makes the utmost sense. Heroes of NFT is getting ready to provide a multichain gaming experience to users with the help of Axelar. The venture chose Axelar after assessing a multitude of cross-chain providers.

The Heroes of the NFT team found that Axelar is the only platform to facilitate permissionless safety cross-chain. Permissionless infrastructure is the best form of security, and as an Avalanche subnet, Heroes of NFT understands it perfectly.

The project will use Axelar to facilitate composability and interoperability between its subnet and every other supported and growing ecosystem. It includes EVM chains, such as Ethereum, Fantom, Avalanche C-Chain, BNB Chain, Polkadot, Polygon, Cosmos, etc.

With the help of Axelar’s General Message Passing, Heroes of NFT will develop dApps that can securely call multiple functions across different chains. Moreover, they can easily send multiple payloads across them. The model will help the project eliminate the need for multisig bridges and asset wrapping.

Given these perks and functionalities, Axelar emerges as the obvious choice for Heroes of NFT. The GameFi community has responded warmly to the latest partnership, so its future looks secure.

Trevor Holman

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