Herosphere Enables Betting Via Dash

Dash Embassy recently integrated Dash with online gaming and betting platform Herosphere, so that users could easily obtain their HERO coins and place bets. They Said in a statement,

“With our team based in Austria we set out to create a platform with the goal of bringing back fun & joy to betting by allowing people to challenge their friends, family, and colleagues on various esports events. When at the same time the esports market started to rapidly grow, we decided to focus our resources on contests around Dota2, LoL, and CS: GO on our own platform.”

The platform has more than 260,000 registered users and more than 120,000 newsletter subscribers. It offers support to three games. It offers attractive incentives to betting because “1% of all pots played is given back to all token holders”, and also for game creation by allotting individual rewards. Using this strategy, they intend to remove bookmakers from the scene to let the money remain with players and users. This is the design upgraded by  Dash integration.

They said,

“Dash is a great cryptocurrency for payments with its anonymous, quick and secure transactions. Since those core values are the same ones for our users, it was an obvious step to work together with Dash. Every user can swap his DASH token to HEROcoin directly on herosphere.gg within seconds. Moreover, as everybody is completely in possession and charge of his private key further trades can be handled at free discretion. We take pride in never having full control over users funds from the moment those funds arrive at the users’ wallet until they are sent elsewhere by the user – as one would expect from a truly decentralized provider.”

Peer-To-Peer Applications

The main reason behind the existence of middlemen in betting and other activities is mainly due to the issue of education and communication decades ago. Nowadays, however, government mandated regulations keep them alive. Cryptocurrencies avoid the need to feed these parties by skipping the step that gives money to these sources. At the end of the day, these regulations are still existent in the real world and have to be dealt with. Herosphere negotiated with the legal counsel so that they can function “under a clear legal framework” in Austria.

Meanwhile, other cryptocurrencies are still trying to overcome similar obstacles in other sectors. They face hindrances while trying to make the peer-to-peer platform more accessible. Many of them mandate obscure tokens, which can be acquired through obscure transactions. This further makes the entry a cumbersome process. All these factors added to the complications of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, Herosphere provides real added value to its customers by making use of the HERO token. Customers can avail these via Dash.

Scott Cook

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