hiblocks Joins Hands With BNK TO THE FUTURE


In an important announcement, hiblocks has joined hands with BNK TO THE FUTURE to increase the trust and transparency factors related to the investment process. This coming together will facilitate the mutual exchange of information, which, in turn, will help the sector to further spread its wings among prospective customer segments. Further, this partnership will allow BNK TO THE FUTURE to expand its footprint in the Southeast Asian market and Korea.

Finer Details

Just so you know, hiblocks is a content curation company that allows the user to upload and share the content on different social media sites. As a user, you can directly upload the content to the website and get the opportunity to earn rewards by sharing the content on other social media websites such as Instagram and YouTube. The reward is in the form of hiblocks’ native tokens called hi-tokens. In sum, it is a platform that enables access to the content through the curative process.

eToro Crypto

BNK TO THE FUTURE, on the other hand, is a stock investment and cryptocurrency organization. Launched in 2011, it is the first organization which started providing financial lecture services related to Bitcoin. The company has secured around $800 million on the back of 85,000 investors in terms of total investment. BNK TO THE FUTURE has been figured on prominent news and business platforms, including the likes of CNBC, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, etc. It has a long list of well-known clients who have invested in prominent crypto organizations such as Ripple, Kraken, Bitmax, and Bitfinex, among others.


This association will help organizations expand their business footprints while sharing resources and deriving synergies from their combined operations. Also, investors and financial experts are closely following the development to track the future of this association and to know specifically what advantages it will accrue to these companies.

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