HitHub Releases Global Blockchain Open-Source Node Program; IOST Is The First Partner

The globally reputed coworking organization of autonomous developers, HitHub has proudly announced the addition of IOST as the first strategic partner of its highly anticipated project, the Global Blockchain Open-source Node Program. HitHub works as a popular decentralized incentive group for developers, which strives to cater to the prevailing limitations in the industry. The official Twitter post by the IOST team read:

As per the official blog post, HitHub’s newly launched initiative has been designed with an objective to strengthen the open-source ecosystem. It strives to present valuable and innovative solutions to the multiple challenges faced by the developer community regarding product security management, time value delivery, quick implementation, capability assessment, and proprietary validation, etc.

With aid from the IOST team, HitHub will migrate and copy codes, impose custodial scrutiny on HitHub along with necessary guidance in creating public chain networks using IOST’s technological expertise. The code custodial on HitHub will be stored and managed on decentralized frameworks like IPFS, unlike GitHub, which relies on centralization. The use of decentralized technology will offer enhanced security, transparency, and reliability to the portal users.

IOST is a renowned blockchain network that characterizes in maintaining scalability, decentralization, and security in a well-balanced manner. It will enrich the HitHub community with technical consulting, guidance, and support on various topics such as how to sustain scalability while restraining the wide gap caused by the censorship evasion. The participating teams will put in joint efforts to strengthen and redefine the IPFS decentralized storage mechanism, cross-chain proprietary verification, etc.

HitHub provides token incentives to the contributors who give in their inputs in the content making and overall technological advancement of the network. The usage of smart contracts and decentralized storage pedagogy like IPFS, HitHub strives to chalk out potent solutions for an enhanced code-custody module, copyright protection, and value bearer. It strives for the developer community’s upliftment by offering a revolutionary infrastructure to design a fair market of developers’ products. This lays the foundation of a transparent credit network for developers, which characterizes as a community of developers, by developers, and for developers. The developers can access Hit Network by downloading HitHub and connecting to back-up servers supported by the team. HitHub provides a web page platform HitHub to ease the HitHub protocol application process and offers cloud services to the users.

On the other hand, IOST’s Node Program is a popular staking program applauded by various blockchain research entities. It offers lucrative returns, easy usage, and low-risk factor.

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