Holdex Releases Countdown for Important Partnerships

Holdex Finance is set to become one of the most appealing DeFi-based projects.

As per Holdex Finance, the company is currently negotiating with projects like SOLANA, AVAX, POLKADOT, POLYGON, and FUSHIO. Moreover, the project will announce new ties and collaborations shortly. 

COUNTDOWN STARTS FOR BIG EXCHANGES: Kucoin, GateIo, CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, and more!

 Holdex is compatible with names like Ethereum, HuobiEco chain, Holdex, and BSC (Binance Smart Chain). It also offers liberty to support and manage stake farms and pools. It is also set to enter the decentralized exchange (DEX) and centralized (CEX) markets.

The company aims to compete against names like Gate.io, Kucoin, Okex, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Huobi, Poloniex, BtcTurk Pro, Probit, Indoex, Hotbit, MXC. Moreover, the platform will be published on well-known platforms like CoinMarketCal, Coingecko, and CoinMarketCap. This exposure will help Holdex establish a market prestige in no time.

The First Invocation in the Decentralized Finance History 

Holdex will help users to swap, stake, and farm transactions with mobile phones.

Holdex is equipped with innovative techniques in the DeFi and FinTech sectors. The platform continues to focus on the crypto market, which is evident from its recent developments and announcements. The platform recently announced its mobile app mission to help users access its solutions via mobile devices. 

Although it does not appear on the roadmap, the platform will release the app shortly. As per the official roadmap, Holdex aims to activate its blockchain network and wrap up the Holdex Smart Chain testnet before the ETA.

 The roadmap holds important plans for the project, emerging as a guide for investors. While Holdex is still in the ICO process, its developer team is gaining global recognition with multiple projects. The development of HoldexSwap and the DEX platform are two of the most prominent projects.

The Finance Market Turns Attention towards Holdex

 Holdex aims to become a prominent name as a financial content producer. The platform includes several innovative solutions in the DeFi and Fin-Tech sectors. Esteemed platforms like Bloomberg, CoinMarketCap, Cointelegraph, Coinpedia Yahoo Finance, have published reviews about Holdex. Most of them have pointed out the potential of the project. 

Additionally, multiple social media influencers are showing interest in the ICO process. 

Establishing Trust with Investors

As per Holdex, the traditional conventional finance space is “widely open to manipulation and speculation.” Thus, the platform aims to revolutionize the sector. Moreover, manipulations are possible in both the conventional and the blockchain markets.

Holdex is not increasing the circulation of tokens, blocking the possibility of price manipulation. The Holdex team guarantees to lock every investors’ tokens regardless of their investment. The only exceptions to the list are Airdrop winners and ICO investors. Additionally, 10% of the tokens will be circulated every three months.

Restricted Supply and Transparent Distribution

Limited token supply is among the most important USPs of Holdex. The project aims to secure users from any sudden loss of value. Circulating a limited amount of tokens moderates inflation. The project will release 100 million tokens, out of which 50 million will be used in staking and farming rewards.

The remaining distributions will be as follows:

 Team: 10 Million

Platform development: 10 Million

Private sale: 5 Million

Exchange listing: 5 Million

Rewards: 5 Million

Advisors: 5 Million

Marketing: 5 Million

ICO: 5 Million

The ICO Phase Continues 

The Holdex team has announced that the first phase of the ICO was completed with a 97.2% success rate. The second phase reached 100% success on August 23rd for 0.20 dollars. The third phase will go on till September 23rd with a price of 0.30 dollars.

 Now is the best time to invest in Holdex tokens as the ICO projects continue to attract investors globally. Users can buy the coins before the listing to score huge profits. Ripple and Ethereum have already achieved it before with successful ICOs. Ethereum organized the biggest initial coin offering ever with around 60 million ETH. The network earned 31.500 Bitcoin to become the most successful coin. The Ethereum ICO helped token holders earn massive profits and the same holds for Holdex too. 

As per the announcements, the token may start from 1 dollar. With the total supply limited to 100 million tokens, only 10% of the tokens will be circulated during the first listing. With the token supply, Holdex can offer 75 to 300 dollars.

Complete Decentralization and Transparency

Transparency and decentralization are important for Holdex and it will not store any user assets and data. Therefore, security breaches cannot cause a complete crash of the stock market or any loss of funds. Additionally, no single person can access all the data and assets.

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