Holo (HOT) Price Analysis: Future of Holo Showing Signs of Gradual Rise Rather than Dramatic Uptrend

Holo (HOT) is a post-blockchain, decentralized application development platform. Being one of the most energy-efficient platforms, Holo provides the feature of peer-to-peer transaction in a true sense without the scalability issues of previous technologies. Holochain is like a “bridge” between the community of distributed applications and the current centralized network. The digital token in Holo is called HOT. Holochain is similar to IFTTT layer built underneath the entire Internet.

HoloThe market capitalization of Holo at UTC 05:28 was around 164,443,638 USD. Not to forget that Market Cap signifies the market value of a publicly traded company’s outstanding shares. At the same time, HOT was trading at 0.001234 USD per coin. Similarly, its price in against Bitcoin was around 0.00000025 BTC per chip. And finally, Holo’s last 24 hours trading volume was approximately 12,211,409 USD. At present, Holo is ranked at 42nd place in cryptocurrency ranking. Interestingly, HOT prices have bounced by 7.02% if we compare it with the last 25-day price. On March 22, it was trading around $0.001153. However, it gained momentum afterward, and today, at UTC 05:28, it traded at $0.001234.

Let’s have a brief look at the variation of price of HOT over time. The coin hit the top of Bollinger Chart on May 5 last year and traded at USD 0.002002. However, soon on June 29, the same year, it dropped to the bottom and priced at USD 0.000341. Moreover, these are also the registered 52-week high & low value of the cryptocurrency. Now coming to the previous day trading, the high and low for yesterday’s trading was USD 0.001299 and USD 0.001221 respectively. While the coin opened yesterday at USD 0.001234, it closed at USD 0.001240 with a cumulative change of USD 0.000006. The total trading volume of HOT for the previous day was of USD 12,411,635.

Holo (HOT) Price Forecast:

Since HOT tokens are available on one of the world’s top crypto exchanges like Binance, therefore, high trading activity is obvious around it. Additionally, the project has a very active community, making it one of the most searched altcoins on Google. Some Reddit users also called it “the real deal” Another good thing about Holo is that it uses popular languages like Javascript and Lisp for development of dapps. According to experts holo price prediction, the future the price for HOLO will gradually increase. HOT is highly resistant to market shocks. Holo attracted fairly large trading volumes in the month of January this year. It is speculated that HOT may trade at $0.0021 around the end of 2019 and may hit $0.0025-mark in early 2020.

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