Holo (HOT) Price Analysis: Investors Should Aim at Long-Term Ventures

Holo is an upgraded version of blockchain technology which is aimed at developing the decentralized application. It is one of the most energy-efficient blockchain platforms and provides the feature of peer-to-peer transaction in a true sense. In blockchain technologies, the scalability of chain and the addition of new nodes is always a hectic process. However, this problem has been effectively taken care off in Holo. Holochain acts as a bridge between the community of distributed applications and the current centralized network. HOT is the digital token used for the transaction in Holochain.

HoloWith a Return on Investment (ROI) of 87.97%, the market capitalization of Holo (HOT) on April 22, at UTC 06:04 was around USD 183,368,330. Its price against Bitcoin was around 0.00000026 BTC per chip. Holo’s last 24 hours trading volume was approximately USD 11,655,228. At present, Holo is ranked at 39th place in cryptocurrency ranking. On March 28, its value was around USD 0.001145, however, today, after 25-days, there is an overwhelming hike in the price of Holo, and it currently is trading at USD 0.001377, with a bounce-back of 20.26%.

Let’s have a brief look at the variation of price of HOT over time. The total market supply of Holo coins is around 177,619,433,541 HOT. The altcoin hit the top of Bollinger Chart on May 5 last year and traded at USD 0.002002. Nevertheless, on June 29, the same year, it dropped to the bottom and priced at USD 0.000341. Yesterday’s highs and lows for Holo (HOT) was USD 0.001465 and USD 0.001366 respectively. While the coin opened yesterday at USD 0.001448, it closed at USD 0.001389 with a cumulative loss of USD 0.000059 (4.05%). The total trading volume of Holo (HOT) for the previous day was of USD 12,411,635.

HOLO (HOT) Price Forecast:

Since Holo (HOT) tokens are available on most of the top crypto exchanges including Binance and many others, high trading activity is obvious around it. Holo enjoys active community support along with the programming in popular languages like Javascript and Lisp for the development of decentralized apps (dapps), making it one of the most searched coins on Google. HOT is highly resistant to market shocks. It attracted fairly large trading volumes in the month of January this year. According to Digitalcoinprice.com and hot predictions, Holo (HOT) will hover around the same level as the current state. Furthermore, Holo seems to be on the bullish side of the algorithm and may trade at $0.002 around the end of 2019 and may hit $0.0025-mark in early 2020.

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