Holograph launches on Arbitrum One

Holograph has announced that it is now live on Arbitrum One, enabling the community to build projects to the best of their abilities. Specifically speaking, the community of Holograph will now be able to deploy, mint, and bridge on the layer-1 ecosystem that is based on Ethereum.

Arbitrum brings a lot of benefits to the table, including being one the best and fastest growing layer-2s. More benefits brought by Arbitrum are high-throughput and low-cost smart contracts. These are necessary for the functioning of the integrated mechanism. What makes them the best is the fact that they contribute to offering a seamless experience.

Holograph brings advantages to the community that comprises collector, creator, and developer. They will now be able to leverage the capabilities of Arbitrum One.

The development has received positive responses from the community, with every member welcoming it with the utmost zest. One can get started by connecting their wallets with Holograph and seeing the networks that are backing the minting process.

It follows the announcement wherein it was shared with everyone that Holograph has introduced How Far We’ve Come, a work by Jimena Buena Vida. The abstract celebrates growth and resilience, inviting everyone to the sphere which acknowledges interconnections.

Minting for the same ends in 1 day. Mosh Pit 2000 was live as the minting concluded with 444 pieces minted by the community.

How Far We’ve Come is available on Avalanche, Ethereum, Optimism, BNB Chain, and Arbitrium. It has a total of 72 hours minting window. A free multichain open edition is available.

That is not the only partnership seen by Holograph. It has previously announced joining hands with The Hundreds to make available the limited edition mint featuring 15 posters with high-resolution imagery. They are centered around the theme of exploiting the line between enthusiasts and skeptics.

Holograph has also deployed a multichain open edition to experience the largest primary distribution of a non-fungible token on the platform. The partnership was with Amber Vittoria, seeing total mints stand at 1,742,328 at zero minting fees. It brought up the unique number of holders to 560,325. The maximum mints were registered on Optimism, followed by Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain, and Ethereum. Per the reports, nine collectors alone minted more than a thousand non-fungible tokens. Meaning over 1,000 NFTs were minted by just 9 collectors, with the top of them paying $100+ for gas fees.

10,202 is the most number of mints that have been registered for a single wallet. The average stands at 32 per wallet. The minting window lasted for 48 hours and had 70,032 as the most mints in an hour. The majority of the activity happened at the beginning and the end of the minting window.

Circling back to Holograph and Arbitrum One, the partnership is sure to strike all the right chords with the community, which will be able to leverage the potential of a layer-2 project.

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