Homeland is bringing NFT axies and more features to gameplay

Axie Infinity has announced that NFT axies are coming to Homeland, Axie’s flagship game. NFT axies and many more features are expected to make their way into digital gameplay in the coming days. Land Delegation Marketplace is at the top of the list of most anticipated features, followed by AXS reward splits and the AXS Reward Loop.

The overall objective is to upgrade the gameplay and enhance the engagement of players. Land Delegation Marketplace, for one, intends to make it convenient for land owners and stewards to have a healthy relationship. Land owners can allow stewards to access unused parts of their lands. Stewards may or may not own that piece of land; however, they will have access to it.

That brings to light a set of additional features: reward splits and mass delegation. All of them are likely to be set by landowners for stewards to follow. Hence, it is obvious that customization will play a key role here. Landowners will have the right to decide if stewards can, say, destroy structures or not. While it gives landowners more power, it also helps stewards explore more opportunities and associations with landowners at their convenience.

Land delegation may also entail whitelisting users, customizing permitted activities, and applying to become stewards only for a particular piece of land.

Another portion of the announcement clarifies that NFTs will soon be available for utility in the beta version of Homeland. Meaning, NFT axies will have greater utility in the ecosystem. Also, players can now send out invitations to their axies to join their plot in the gameplay. This has been defined as the initial step toward deeper integration between NFT axies and Homeland. One main objective is to increase land-related axie sales and volume.

Axie Infinity has ultimately declared that Material Quality will be implemented in the virtual world. By applying the measurement to the materials, certain wheat pieces will be produced with superior quality. The extent to which it extends to other materials depends on the primary material utilized in its fabrication.

A final proposal for Alchemy Building is to grant users greater capacity to affect the quality of materials. It provides the opportunity for participants to combine materials of varying qualities, low and high. Players can utilize the capabilities of Alchemy Building not only to construct materials but also to deconstruct them concurrently.

Axie Infinity has also introduced the AXS Reward Pool, bringing Ancient Coins and Sapidae Coins as in-game currencies for players to mint mAXS.

That said, the announcement has done little for its native token on the trading board. AXS was last seen exchanging hands at $7.54, with a slip of 4.36% in the last 24 hours. It further reflects a drop of 4.83% in the last 7 days. The market cap and 24-hour volume of AXS are down by 4.34% and 8.35%, respectively.

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