HoneyFarm Introduces the Final Layer- HoneyBee

HoneyFarm recently announced the launch of HoneyBee after Honey, Moon, and Bear. Unlike the preceding levels, HoneyBee will have an endless supply of native tokens. Also, the emission of Layer 4’s native token, BEE, will be limitless.

HoneyFarm thought about providing HoneyBeez the most benefit for farming and came up with limited-supply native tokens and renewing investment methods to reset investment tactics.

Fee Usage Restructured

HoneyFarm will change the charge use structure to provide HoneyBee greater advantages as a token of appreciation.

It results in more difficult (profitable) Royal Jelly pools, higher-quality NFT Jelly, quick buy-back & burn, and more effective marketing. The specifics will be revealed in the documents later.

Auto-Compounding Vault

HoneyFarm will introduce BusyBEE, its auto-compounding vault. Beefy and AutoShark are already the firm’s auto-compounding partners for pools. HoneyFarm, on the other hand, will give a similar service on its website for BEE.

The following are some of BusyBee’s features:

  1. The lowest charge on the market, with native pools and BEE-related pools paying even less.
  2. Various tokens, including BEE, will be used to increase vaults.
  3. The majority of the fee proceeds utilized to purchase back BEE.

Staking-Lottery- HoneyPot

Are you aware that HoneyFarm is a multi-layered yield farming service? HoneyFarm can give more advantages to HoneyBeez as a result of that stream of money than provided to other initiatives thus far. HoneyFarm has gained some funds to introduce another feature, HoneyPot, because the firm is reorganizing charge utilization.

HoneyPot is unique in the market; it’s a Staking-Lottery in which HoneyBeez may earn a chance to win by betting and receive a considerable return when a smart contract selects them at random.

The Pre-IHO

HoneyFarm is going to do the pre-IHO for BEE the same way it did for MOON. The company feels that it is the most equitable approach to provide HoneyBeez with an opportunity to get along in layer 4 in advance, keeping bots away from destroying the system.

HoneyBeez with HONEY/BEAR/MOON may take part in the pre-IHO and get a taste of the delicious APR and a chance to win BAYC NFT Jelly first!

Trevor Holman

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