Hong Kong’s Bosera HashKey ETFs dominate the Asian market

Bosera HashKey virtual asset exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have experienced a historic moment as their assets under management surpassed $110 million for the first time. The Bosera HashKey Ether ETF (3009.HK) has maintained a comparable situation, maintaining a balance of over 6,000 ETH since May 7th, maintaining a significant advantage over its competitors. 

The Bosera Hashkey Bitcoin ETF (3008.HK) has also experienced significant growth, with a management level that exceeds $90 million. It is closely following in its footsteps. They are now recognized as the leading actors in the Asian market. 

The HaskKey team has been actively involved in the Blockchain and crypto space globally since 2015. It has been responsible for funding the Ethereum Foundation and assisting the Ethereum ecosystem in becoming more robust within the Asia-Pacific territory. It also works to combine traditional finance and Web3.

HashKey Capital is a subsidiary of the HashKey Group, established in 2008. Since its inception, its primary focus has been on regulatory compliance and compliance issues. Over time, it grew into a leader in Asia’s venture capital funding sector. HashKey Capital has begun ecosystem development and resource exchange advancement. It plays a significant role in the advancement of Blockchain technology, industry development, and community development.


Following a long period of intense focus, HashKey Capital has taken the lead in piloting Blockchain technology and crypto assets to mass acceptance and implementation. Along the way, it has established effective partnerships with a diverse array of investors, conventional finance organizations, and other entities.

Harsh Chauhan

Harsh Chauhan is an experienced crypto journalist and editor at CryptoNewsZ. He was formerly an editor at various industries and has written extensively about Crypto, Blockchain, Web3, NFT and AI. Harsh holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a focus on Marketing and a certification from the Blockchain Foundation Program. Through his writings, he hold the pulse of rapidly evolving crypto landscape, delivering timely updates and thought-provoking analysis. His commitment to providing value to readers is evident in every piece of content produced.

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