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An excellent cryptocurrency exchange that offers a variety of services, including trading, staking, and investing. Hoo Exchange is a reliable choice.

Hoo Exchange is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies and tokens. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Light Coin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, ،Tether, etc., are among the popular cryptocurrencies traded on this platform. In addition to spot trades and futures, simple trades and OTC trades are also offered. The use of PoSA (electronic point-of-sale) technology on the servers ensures the speed of all operations in three seconds. The Hoo platform provides users with a free multi-currency wallet and various deposit/withdrawal methods from other cryptocurrency and bank transfer wallets. Investment in blockchain projects is also available. The company also provides sales and maintenance services for crypto mining equipment from world-renowned brands.

Hoo & Banxa Benefit Event: Zero-Fee to Buy USDT

Thanks to Hoo Exchange’s cooperation with the Banxa payment system, users can now buy cryptocurrency through Visa / MasterCard with a 0% commission and trade cryptocurrencies safely. (Opportunity is limited, so hurry)

Hoo & Banxa Benefit Event Zero-fee to Buy USDT

  • This activity is only available for USDT purchases.
  • This activity ends on 06/25/2022 or when the prize pool ends.
  • Only users who purchase through the Banxa service will benefit from 0% of the Visa / MasterCard payment gateway fee.

Buy USDT with 0% commission

Buy Cryptocurrency Without Paying Commission

Hoo_OTC has collaborated with Banxa to offer a good deal to its users. To satisfy its users when using this feature, Hoo has started an event where users can buy USDT with their Visa / Mastercard at Hoo.com through Banxa as a third-party service and enjoy 0% of the Visa / MasterCard fee.

How to Buy USDT by Banxa With 0% Commission?

Web Users

Users must go to the OTC —> QUICK TRADE section of the site menu to purchase cryptocurrencies by Fiat currency.

Then the user should enter the amount of USDT currency they want to buy in the box provided. Select the Visa / Mastercard’s payment method from the drop-down section.

How to Buy USDT by Banxa with 0% Commission

Then, select the Banxa interface payment system.

Buying USDT Process via Banxa for Web Users

Mobile Users

In the Hoo Exchange mobile application, users should first go to the OTC Trade section.

Buying USDT Process via Banxa for Mobile Users

Users should enter the amount of USDT currency they want to buy on the opened page, select the Visa / Mastercard payment method, and tap the buy button.

At the bottom, they would choose the Banxa payment system as a service provider to buy USDT cryptocurrency.

Introduction of Hoo_OTC

Hoo Exchange continues to seek to add Fiat currencies from various countries to its trading platform. Up to now, 100+ sufficient fiat types are available on the platform. As for payment methods, tens of transfer methods such as local bank transfer, swift transfer, visa/MasterCard, apple pay, digital wallets, and so on. Multiple choices are offered to users when doing exchanges between cryptos and fiat. 

Quick trade offer by the third party on Hoo.com will offer you Multiple fiat options, on which you can trade anywhere. C2C trade offers convenient and better price access, through which you can post your ads after completing KYC, with no threshold for posting ads. If there’s a need for exchange higher than 5000USD’s amount of fiat or crypto, Hoo OTC desk can offer you a lower rate and offline exchange.

Fiat currencies will remain with cryptocurrencies for a long time, accounting for more than 99.9% of global transactions. Hoo_OTC is your reliable choice.

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