HOPR Receives $6 Million in Grants from Variety of Web3 Projects

HOPR is a little less than midway through their Hop on Board program, but they wanted to provide the world with an update on the rapidly growing HOPR ecosystem.

They’ve been in detailed conversations with cryptocurrency projects at each and every layer of the web3 stack over the last several months about how to carry much-needed confidentiality to virtual currencies and web3.

These collaborative efforts are taking different forms, including investment opportunities, subsidies, study and constructing collaborations, and others. They’ll be sharing more information about this cooperation and collaboration in the following weeks, and they have already announced that they’ve received over $1 million in grant funding from a diverse range of established web3 projects, which includes The Graph and Edge & Node, Ankr, Dusk Network, as well as at least three more to be announced soon!

Trying to educate people on the importance of web3 values is an important part of building web3. As a result, they’re overjoyed that so many of their discussions resulted in filmed discussions and meetings with the different teams involved. As part of their new web3 Talks sequence, they’ll be sharing these each week. You can watch the first episode, which stars Tegan Kline from Edge & Node, right now (the initial team behind The Graph). Future episodes in this series will feature interviews with Tornado Cash’s Roman Semenov. Sebastian, their founder, also spoke with Illia, co-founder of NEAR Protocol, in a conversation that will be featured in NEAR’s whiteboard series.

They began the journey in Jan with the official launch of their D.E.R.P. tool, a replacement RPC provider that shows how much data today’s crypto facilities leak about you simply by visiting them. To expose, users don’t even need to make a transaction.

It can be difficult to get people to pay close attention to privacy issues, but it’s been incredible to see how quickly and eager team members have accepted the size of the issue and agreed to work collaboratively on solutions.

The issue of communications data privacy, particularly IP privacy, pervades each layer of crypto, from people accessing decentralized applications through their browsers to the way transactions are accepted and clustered into blocks by miners and verifiers.

This is a multifaceted problem that must be addressed on multiple fronts. As a result, HOPR is thrilled about the following:

  • HOPR can balance information sharing and confidentiality for node runners for truly decentralized data indexing and infrastructural development with Ankr, The Graph, and the Pokt Network.
  • HOPR will be adding vital transport-level confidentiality to Dusk, Panther Protocol, and TornadoCash’s hard-core on-chain privacy.
  • Gnosis, Polygon, Harmony, and NEAR provide critical confidentiality to prevent layer-0 disruption and threats on layer-1 blockchains.

And it isn’t just large projects that are answering the call to join HOPR. Their Gitcoin bounty program has been luring developers to create the first decentralized applications on top of HOPR, and the ETH Denver online BUIDLathon is still going on until March 21st.

Trevor Holman

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