Horizen teams up with Auros to improve EON’s on-chain liquidity

Horizen has announced its strategic partnership with Auros. This collaboration aims to enhance the on-chain liquidity of its EVM-compatible smart contracting platform, EON. In other words, Horizen and Auros will work together to make sure that the accessibility of $ZEN accelerates in the ecosystem ahead of its launch.

Per the estimates mentioned in the announcement, the partnership will help drive the growth of the EON ecosystem by enhancing liquidity for $ZEN. This pertains not just to decentralized platforms but also extends to centralized exchanges. Users who are on the beneficial side are DeFi and other online traders.

Opportunities are surely coming their way under the umbrella of Horizen and Auros. The EON ecosystem goes live with full preparation for its widespread accessibility.

They will also touch upon the checkpoints of all the projects scheduled to be introduced in the coming days. Ben Roth from Auros has said that the partnership represents a significant step and a brighter hope for a decentralized ecosystem. The Chief Information Officer has also expressed pride in expanding the availability of $ZEN liquidity to everyone on the platform.

Regarding liquidity specifically, Ben has emphasized that it will facilitate seamless trading and open the door to a vast array of utilities and innovative smart contract platforms.

One of the factors strengthening these statements is the estimate for $ZEN. The token is currently trading at $6.15. It could very well cross the margin of $8 by the end of this year. ZEN forecast has alternatively estimated that the trading value could fall as low as $5.5 by the year’s end.

Rob Viglione, a co-founder of Horizen, said they are thrilled about joining forces with Horizen and look forward to leveraging their expertise in liquidity solutions to enhance EON liquidity. Rob, also the CEO of Horizen Labs, highlighted the benefits of the strategic partnership by stating that it deepens the cornerstone liquidity while enabling a seamless trading experience.

Rob has confirmed that they are committed to shaping the future of DeFi and setting new standards for the industry.

EON is live on a public testnet and is backed by a network of products. Assuming the partnership goes strong in the future, it is likely to set a healthy stage for decentralized applications, dApps, and other services. Gobi is hosting the permanent public testnet. The hope is that it will be the one to get new projects on board.

Auros brings to the table its heritage of algorithms and high frequency with its partnership-oriented approach to liquidity solutions.

Horizen’s entry into a strategic alliance with Auros is therefore expected to propel its own development and establish new industry standards. Users and developers of DeFi are encouraged to partake in the fastest-growing Layer-0 and significantly contribute to the expansion of the EON ecosystem.

Trevor Holman

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