An Exciting Game, HorseSaga Is All Set To Release On 26th May Based On NEO Crypto Tokens

A thrilling game with the name horse saga is all set to be released on May 26th. This game is said to have only Neo as its sole token.

Game Play:

Every horse in the game is unique and has its lineage and pedigree. Each horse has its age and sex. The HorseSaga is a horse breeding, rearing or racing game based upon blockchain technology. The loving horses are generated through the ERC721 protocol.

The horses are available in various shapes, sizes, and races in the series. There are skills, attributes, and benefits for every breed. Furthermore, the horse can be bought or sold and can even be leased for breeding.

Horses training enhances attributes and can reveal new skills. But each horse still has a maximum potential and a maximum limit. When the physical strength of a horse is exhausted, he cannot compete in runs or trains until he recovers.

Jockey is another key component in the gameplay. Jockey helps horses in training and competition and can even reduce horses breeding time. The honor of a jockey is the key to their personal development. As a jockey gains honor, its new features are released.

The Crypto Part:

Matrix AI Network has done the beta test for the game to ensure there are no bugs and glitches in the game.  MATRIX AI Network is a smart new generation open-source blockchain aimed at addressing key challenges that undermine blockchain technology development and application. MATRIX uses the latest technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain with artificial intelligence.

This game is designed and developed to support only the NEO crypto tokens. The game will run on the blockchain, and multiple blockchains hosts will be there for Horse saga. The design of the game is consistent between versions, but each blockchain has its operation. To know what NEO has in store for crypto enthusiasts, do visit our NEO price prediction post.

Roxanne Williams

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