Hoskinson predicts Cardano’s rise, new AI altcoin to challenge XRP

Hoskinson predicts Cardano's rise, new AI altcoin to challenge XRP

In a time when the crypto ecosystem witnesses revolutions and evolutions almost daily, Cardano’s strong vision and the entry of a new AI altcoin, InQubeta (QUBE), set the stage for some intriguing dynamics. With Hoskinson’s confidence in Cardano’s rise and the promise of InQubeta, the question arises – Are we witnessing a shuffle in the hierarchy of the crypto world? Will QUBE challenge top altcoins like XRP? Let’s find out!

InQubeta: A novel AI investment platform

Even before we delve into Hoskinson’s predictions for Cardano, it’s pivotal to introduce a new ICO that’s making waves in the crypto world – InQubeta. This isn’t just another crypto to buy; it represents a fusion of AI and crypto.

InQubeta’s platform breaks the mold, making it possible for users to engage in fractional investments in upcoming AI startups. This intersection of AI and blockchain technology isn’t just a fancy feature but stands as the backbone for the platform’s growth and user empowerment promise. With a deflationary mechanism in place and a robust reward system, QUBE is poised to offer much to its holders. Its popularity is quite evident from the ongoing presale that is nearing $2.5 million in funding.

But what does this mean in the broader spectrum, especially when compared to top crypto coins like XRP? With its focus on remittances and partnerships with traditional financial institutions, Ripple has carved a niche for itself. But in an ever-evolving space, InQubeta’s fresh approach, combined with AI’s momentum in the tech world, makes it a serious contender. It’s not merely about remittances or banking collaborations anymore; it’s about reimagining the future of finance with technology at its core.

Hoskinson is confident about Cardano’s success

Charles Hoskinson’s recent remarks at the Rare Evo 2023 event radiate unwavering belief in Cardano’s potential. While Cardano currently holds the 7th position, looking at market cap alone might be misleading. Hoskinson’s assertion is based on the technical prowess Cardano brings to the table – especially its higher scalability and interoperability.

By emphasizing the platform’s potential to overtake giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Hoskinson’s perspective revolves around a holistic view of the crypto ecosystem. Yes, regulatory and technical challenges are par for the course, but Cardano has shown resilience and adaptability in the past, making these bold predictions more plausible than they might initially appear.

InQubeta and Cardano: Pioneering change

While on the surface, Cardano’s vision and InQubeta’s plans might seem like they’re targeting different niches, both are, in essence, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the crypto world. With its enhanced scalability and commitment to tackling challenges, Cardano is looking to redefine the crypto landscape. InQubeta, on the other hand, is bridging the realms of AI and blockchain, promising a future where these technologies go hand-in-hand to deliver unprecedented benefits.


As the world of crypto continues its relentless march forward, platforms that bring innovation and promise to the table will always find themselves at the forefront. Hoskinson’s belief in Cardano’s future and the entry of the groundbreaking AI altcoin from InQubeta signals exciting times ahead. While the journey for dominance in the crypto world is long and fraught with challenges, its pioneers like these shape the road ahead.

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