Hotbit Advantages, Why Should Crypto Users Use Hotbit Crypto Exchange?

Investment with Hotbit

Hotbit investment, popularly called Hotbank, a Hotbit Group’s division, is a top crypto asset management platform launched in 2018. Hotbit employs a team of more than 30 diligent and experienced professionals who strive to deliver superior quality investment services to all customers worldwide. 

Investment with Hotbit includes DeFi Mining, Quantitative Trading, and Lending to POS. AUM Hotbank exceeded $400 US million with over $30 million of distributed rewards. Services related to crypto asset management are offered to more than 100 institutional customers. Fundamentally, Hotbit works on giving back to its customers by offering the industry’s top rates, better than its competitors on recognized assets such as BTC, USDT, and ETH. 

VIP users at Hotbit enjoy exclusive privileges such as a customized crypto asset management program, a mining fund, and lower and exclusive trading fees rates. VIP users also enjoy privileged services such as V1 account manager, C-level manager meetings, exclusive crypto asset management reports, exclusive withdrawal channels, holiday bonuses, and birthday treats.


ETFs or exchange-traded funds at Hotbit is a product that utilizes financial debt and derivatives to increase the returns of a particular token. It aims for a 3:1 or 2:1 ratio. For instance, if a particular token rises by 1%, the leveraged ETF of 2x or 3x rises by 2% or 3%, respectively, and falls by 1% and 2%, if the leveraged ETF of the token falls by -1x and -2x.

A leveraged ETF is a fund monitored by experienced financial teams responsible for maintaining and managing investment portfolios, thereby allowing investors to build their constant leveraged investment portfolio without knowing specific mechanisms. The advantage of Hotbit ETFs are: 

  • Does not require margin balance. Users can trade ETFs like Spot trading, and all they need is USDT in their Spot wallet for trading. 
  • Users can either gain or lose 3x. For instance, if a trader is trading BTC1D3L and the value of BTC increases by 1%, the value of BTC1D3L also increases by 3%. Conversely, if the value of BTC falls by 1%, the value of BTC1D3L falls by 3%.
  • There is no risk of liquidation, and users can hold their tokens for any time length as their funds never get liquidated. If the users lose their trades, they can sell them anytime. 

Various sections for popular projects 

Hotbit launched two popular projects – WEB3 and METAMUSK this year. 

The WEB3 or Web3 Inu, launched in January 2022, is a Rent-to-Earn token based on real-world data that interact on two separate layers, Off-Chain and On-Chain. The word Inu refers to Doge in Japanese, and it is a meme coin movement that rejects all protocols and formalities. The WEB3 Inu project is based on the DOGE on Web3 concept that embraces blockchain technology and complete transparency. It also allows users to buy, sell, upgrade and rent real-life businesses worldwide. The token type of Web3 Inu is BEP-20, with a total supply of 100,000,000,000,000 WEB3. 

The second project included the launch of METAMUSK or the MUSK Metaverse in January 2022. The $METAMUSK token was developed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and it was created to honor the world’s best and richest person on Earth in the Tech field – Elon Musk. The type of the $METAMUSK token is again BEP-20 with a total supply of a 999,998,995,010,000 METAMUSK.

20% rebate ratio for referral system

Hotbit has launched an invitation rebate function where users can invite their friends to register for an Hotbit account and receive a double commission. The Tier-1 Invitations allow users to invite their friends. For every transaction fee generated by the referred person, both parties can share a maximum of 60% of the transaction fee. The Tier-2 Invitations give up to 15% of the transaction. 

Note that if the HTB balance is less than 5000, users get a 20% Tier-1 rebate ratio. 

Many events/airdrops for users on Twitter 

TIKTOK Video Contest – The Hotbit community will be organizing a TikTok Video Contest for all its users on its TikTok platform from 19th April till 10th May. The best videos will get the following rewards: 

  • Top-1 – $500 
  • Top-2 – $300
  • Top-3 – $200
  • Videos with the most Likes will get $100 for the top 5 winners. 
  • 150 lucky winners will get $10 each.

$BASIS, $CAW, and $RIV are now officially listed on Hotbit, and users can start using $BASIS/USDT, $CAW/USDT, and $RIV/USDT trading pairs starting on the 19th of April.

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