Hottest crypto for 2023: Cardano, Avalanche, BudBlockz

The advent of blockchain is more of a blessing to the 21st century. While the traditional banking system suffered significant challenges, cryptocurrency is obsessed with delivering efficient banking with smarter technology. Blockchain technology had diversified its usage just when we thought cryptocurrency was only for monetary transactions. With blockchain, fast, transparent, and secured transactions are guaranteed. The Decentralized Finance system of transactions has led to the multiplication of other useful cryptocurrencies in the digital market.

As the year is wrapping up, investors are watching for potential coins in high demand by 2023. While existing coins like Cardano and Avalanche are already on their watchlist, new coins like BudBlockz (BLUNT) could be of great value if purchased during its pre-sale. If you are a cannabis fan with an unparalleled love for cryptocurrency, you will definitely love with $BLUNT. 

Is Avalanche coin best for the future?

The Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain platform is a powerful, adaptable, and safe tool for creating and disseminating decentralized, highly scalable apps and intelligent digital assets. It is known for scalability and high transaction speed, delivering up to 6,500 transactions per second.

The Avalanche blockchain is a mixture of three distinctive chains with different functions:-

  1. The Exchange Chain, otherwise called X-Chain. Its purpose is to send and receive funds.
  2. The Platform Chain or the P-Chain, whose role is to foster validators’ activities and the staking of Avalanche.
  3. The Contract or the C-Chain. It functions when it comes to decentralized finance and smart contracts.

AVAX coin, its native coin, is traded on the X-Chain. This chain operates on its Avalanche algorithm. AVAX is listed on different exchanges for easy access.

Cardano as an Eco-friendly Network for a Sustainable Environment

One cryptocurrency project that has seen substantial growth in the crypto world is the Cardano (ADA) project. It uses the proof-of-stake consensus to present itself as a green cryptocurrency network while creating a decentralized and sustainable environment.

Numerous projects have been funded by the Cardano ecosystem, including agriculture, education, and finance. ADA network offers rewarding features such as stake-to-earn, allowing supporters to make extra earnings.

BudBlockz to lead the way for Cannabis Market

BudBlockz (BLUNT) is a cutting-edge ecosystem that unites the cannabis business while allowing consumers to buy, sell, and invest in goods worldwide. As an ecosystem, it is built on the Ethereum blockchain to create a transparent and secure marketplace that promotes trust. BudBlockz is a one-stop platform that seeks to create a decentralized, private ecosystem where new and seasoned fans can trade freely and access the worldwide market.

Within the community, BudBlockz uses $BLUNT as an in-house currency to create a blockchain-friendly platform that connects people with similar interests to support the growth of equitable possibilities within the international cannabis marketplaces. The BLUNT serves as an exchange between users and cannabis businesses.

While many countries have yet to legalize cannabis, BudBlockz is dedicated to hastening adoption while allowing the community to participate in the expanding market. According to developers, the adoption will be achieved by making logistics and data management more professional and accessible.

According to the research within its whitepaper, cannabis consumption has risen by 50% after the COVID-19 pandemic. It indicates that $BLUNT could be in high demand by 2023.

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