House of Lee touches over 10,000 mints

Bruce Lee tragically left the world in 1973, leaving behind his family that now continues his legacy. There is a lot to talk about in that direction, but the focus, for now, is on the House of Lee. The NFT by the Lee Family in collaboration with Shibuya and pplpleasr.

According to the announcement made through the Twitter handle of Bruce Lee, mostly run by his daughter Shannon Lee, tickets for the NFT event can be bought from the official site of House of Lee: Genesis.

At the time of drafting this article, over 17,000 mints of the NFT had been generated, with the price fixed at 0.008 ETH. It remains committed to the token standard of ERC1155, supported by the Ethereum blockchain.

It is mandatory to connect the wallet to the official website in order to proceed with the purchase of an NFT from the Genesis collection. Once connected, interested users only have to click Buy Now to proceed with the purchase process. The edition went live on April 12, 2023, at 11 am ET and is all set to conclude on April 14, 2023, at 11 pm ET.

The community and partners involved in the NFT rollout have expressed excitement over the development.

Circling around the community built by the team Bruce Lee, it is interesting to see that they have adapted to carry forward his legacy with three broad categories, namely Foundation, Podcast, and Store. The team has also announced an offer, “Be Water Membership,” for those who would like to better connect with the thoughts of Bruce Lee.

For instance, members gain access to all the inspirational thoughts of the legend. These are sent to them every day. Also, there is a chance for the members of the membership program to win a priceless product along with memorabilia from the archive.

Making all of this interesting is the offering of early access to product launches, main events, and many other similar activities. A portion of membership paid to the team goes to The Bruce Lee Foundation Charities.

The recent launch event of the Bruce Lee team was for a novel titled Be Water My Friend – The Teachings of Bruce Lee.

NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, were earlier launched to support artists. Their application has evolved over time, with brands and other organizations utilizing the same concept to better connect with their community. Fans have a piece of the NFT as a memory, while others look to trade for a higher margin.

No matter the reason, The House of Lee Genesis has proved that the NFT community is more than happy to welcome creators till the time they are adding value for the members. The NFT collection by team Bruce Lee is likely to set the trend in the industry, where fans will have access to the digital representation of their favorite personality.

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