How Brands Are Using NFTs To Grow Their Fanbase In 2022?

Non-fungible tokens, popularly known as NFTs, aren’t only valuable tokens for crypto enthusiasts but are increasingly becoming a crucial part of brands’ marketing strategies. For instance, these tokens have opened up a new way of consumer interaction and brand storytelling. Most importantly, these tokens give brands an effective way to expand their fanbase by targeting more audiences.

How Reputable Brands such as Gucci & Adidas Use NFTs to Grow Their Fanbase in 2022?

Targeting Young Audience Fanbase 

Launching an NFT campaign can help boost a brand’s image, especially among existing clients. Brands can also use NFTs to attract a new generation of young audiences, which form a significant chunk of the consumer market. Millennial customers will identify with a brand that uses NFTs since they perceive it to be at the peak of current trends. Tapping into these young millennial customers can help a brand grow its fan base over time.

Engaging and Interacting With Fans 

NFTs are proving powerful fan engagement tools for existing and upcoming brands in 2022. NFTs, give brands the ability to engage and communicate with fans and bring the fans closer to them. Creating smart and long-lasting engagement with fans through NFTs can help brands increase their fanbase. The more a brand engages its audience, the more likely the audience will stick with the brand.

Providing Fans With a Reliable Revenue Stream 

NFTs are becoming a reliable revenue stream for brands in 2022, and these tokens also give brands a smart way of driving their online sales. Most world’s famous brands across multiple industries, such as Visa, Alibaba, Taco Bell, and Nike, have been using NFTs to provide a revenue stream for their targeted audiences, ultimately helping them expand their fanbase. These brands will continue growing their fanbase provided they will continue providing their clientele base with a consistent revenue stream.

Arousing Clients’ Purchasing Desires 

Many renowned global brands cleverly combine NFTs in their marketing strategies to arouse clients’ purchasing desires in 2022. A good example of brands using this marketing approach is Nike, which has been manufacturing patented NFTs shoes known as CryptoKicks since December 2021. The brand has successfully been arousing clients’ desire to buy these shoes. By doing so, this brand isn’t only driving up its sales, and it is also expanding its fanbase as a result.

Involving Fans in Brands’ Operations 

Brands are acknowledging the importance of involving fans in their daily operations. Almost all the world’s reputable brands involve their fans in their operations, which is why they can grow and maintain their fanbase. NFTs help brands increase community engagement. 

For instance, brands can use NFTs to involve their fanbase in their daily activity by sponsoring NFT giveaways or allowing clients to swap NFTs for services and products. Moreover, brands can increase community engagement by creating unique NFT collections in 2022. These collections, however, should give fans some intrinsic value to make it easier for brands to expand their fanbase.

Introducing New Digital Dimensions 

With the world embracing the digital era, brands have no choice but to introduce new digital dimensions to help them grow their fanbase. NFTs help brands expand their fanbase by introducing new digital dimensions to their products. These tokens further allow brands to create new methods for their clients to engage with them effectively. For instance, brands can tap into digital “twins,” digitally representing items like clothing.

Getting a Better Understanding of a Brand’s Core Audiences 

As the world moves into an internet world full of restrictions in 2022, it is pretty tricky for brands to obtain information from their marketing campaigns. Therefore, brands need to understand their core audiences before growing their fanbase. 

NFTs provide brands with an excellent way to collect data, ultimately enabling them to understand their core audiences better. NFTs will help brand owners to understand their audience’s preferences and behaviors in 2022. It, therefore, becomes easier for brands to expand their fanbase upon understanding their target audiences’ preferences and behaviors.

Adding Value to Products and Redefining Engagements 

NFTs allow brands to connect with clients in 2022 through a crucial part of IP that seems to appreciate in the long run. Considering the unique features of NFTs, a brand that includes NFTs in its operations can effectively elevate the customer experience. Furthermore, NFTs allow brands to redefine engagement with their fanbase, which is an integral part of helping any brand in any industry expand its fanbase. Most importantly, NFTs help brands become collaborative with their clients, who reward the brands with attention and loyalty.

Lending Credence to Marketing Initiatives 

In 2022, every brand strives to gain credence for its marketing initiatives to remain relevant in a competitive business world. NFTs make it easier for brands to tap into diversified communities and gain credence for their marketing initiatives. As a result, audiences can identify with strong brands, helping such brands expand their fanbase. NFTs are also effective in helping brands reach their target audiences. These tokens can make a brand’s marketing initiatives more effective and rewarding in the long run.


NFTs might still be in their infancy, but these tokens benefit businesses across all industries. From helping brands interact better with their customers to assisting companies in expanding their fanbase, NFTs are the next big thing in the business world. Any business that taps into these tokens stands to benefit a lot in 2022 and beyond.

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