How can you purchase Gift cards with Bitcoin Gold?

What is Bitcoin Gold?

Bitcoin Gold is one of the recently launched digital currencies that is drawing the attention of crypto enthusiasts because of its expanding usability. The coin is picking up footing due to its branding as a kind of Bitcoin.

Features of Bitcoin Gold

  • Decentralization: Proof-of-Work algorithm decentralizes mining on Bitcoin Gold’s blockchain and limits the utilization of certainly specialized chips for mining. Users can mine Bitcoin Gold with GPUs and make it decentralized.
  • Replay Protection: This protects clients from deadly attacks. It prevents exchange replay and assets loss by making exchanges on one chain invalid on others.
  • Assurance against huge swings: Deviation in the total sum of hash power is prevented by the problem alteration algorithm and secures against significant fluctuations in hash power.
  • Unique Address Format: Bitcoin Gold has changed the configuration of its addresses to avoid uncertainty with Bitcoin address. This keeps the unintended exchanges of Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Gold location and the resulting loss of coins.

How is Bitcoin Gold unique from other digital currencies?

Bitcoin Gold has numerous features making it one of a kind from most different cryptographic forms of money.

  • All wallets and exchanges on the Bitcoin Gold blockchain are pseudonymous. The blockchain does not demonstrate the identity of wallet owners, but the owners can check where the coins came from and where they had gone.
  • In spite of being new, Bitcoin Gold is open due to its accessibility on different exchange platform.
  • Anybody with a computer with GPU graphic cards can mine BTG. Bitcoin Gold is more popular than others like Bitcoin Cash.
  • Lightning Network integration has decreased the exchange fee and increased the number of exchanges per second through devoted side channels.

Buy gift cards with Bitcoin Gold

Gift cards platform

  • The Gift Card platform is one of the ventures of Bidali, which is a blockchain-based platform that aims at making high-quality items for its users while providing developers with tools that will increase the usability and accessibility of cryptographic forms of money and subsequently improve the mass adoption of digital forms of payment as an exchange method.
  • Aside from empowering clients to buy gift cards with cryptographic forms of money, Bidali Gift Card tries to enable digital currency users to understand the value of their digital currencies by giving them a chance to utilize their computerized resources for buy high-quality gift cards.
  • Bidali Gift Cards is an online platform that empowers shoppers to convert their Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum to fiat and buy gift cards from world’s retail brands including Amazon, Best Buy, Uber, Nike, Bed Bath and Beyond, Apple Music, Barnes and Nobles, and some more.

How Giftcards and Crypto Works

As of now, the platform sells electronic gift cards that are sent to the user’s email. To buy a gift card, a client clicks the button beside the gift card, and they will be diverted to a page where they could add their ideal gift card to the cart. When the Bidali Gift cards platform gets the payment affirmation on the blockchain, the user will get the gift voucher. The duration will take for the gift card to be emailed to the client relies upon the system speed of the currency used to make the payment. Moreover, the standard time is typically five minutes after the affirmation of payment.

Connecting Payments

The Gift Card platform will use the Bidali payment system as a method for connecting Payments to empower the users to spend cryptographic forms of money in retail and merchant businesses that do not acknowledge digital cash as a method of payment. The digital money to fiat conversion rate is calculated based on market rate, and a small amount is added to cover for the market unpredictability. This guarantees the trade rates stay reasonable and no cash is lost on the exchanges. Moreover, the Bidali Payment system reduces the unpredictability of transacting using cryptographic forms of money.

Gift cards Benefits

  • Helps Multiple Payments Methods

As of now, the platform supports payments utilizing Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum and in future, more cryptographic forms of money will be acknowledged. The platform will likewise sell the gift cards in both Canadian and US dollars.

  • No Additional Fees

The platform does not charge any expenses on purchase of gift cards. The platform generates income from commission on the digital money to fiat exchange rate and the profits from the sale of gift cards.

  • Trouble-free Conversion

Bidali Gift Cards gives cryptographic money users a speedy and straightforward way for changing their digital money to fiat cash and use it to make purchases in more than 120 retail shops in North America.

  • Protected and Secure

Purchasing of gift vouchers on the Bidali Gift Card platform is secure and safe as it is good with the majority of the cryptographic money wallets. Hence the users can utilize their digital money wallets, like MetaMask, Evercoin, Mycelium, MyEtherWallet, Jaxx, Trust Wallet, and more to pay for their goods.

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