How this mid-cap token can 10x your crypto portfolio

As crypto and blockchain move towards greater institutional adoption and mass embrace, the demand for layer-1 blockchains would see a massive jump. With entrants like BlackRock, MicroStrategy, VanEck, Grayscale, etc, supporting the vision and might of crypto, investors are seeing a huge possibility of earning gains from investing in crypto tokens. 

Among the layer-1s grabbing eyeballs, Bitgert has emerged as a powerful player with a speed of 100k TPS and a negligible gas fee. This deadly concoction is a favorite of the developers who are eager to build their projects on Bitgert. 

Bitgert is based on the proof of authority consensus mechanism and is giving tough competition to the likes of Solana, Tron, Cardano, Fantom, etc., for its speed and efficiency. 

Bitgert was launched in 2021 as a BRC-20 token and later rebranded as a blockchain. Bitgert is among the fastest emerging blockchains on the crypto scene, with numerous protocols being built around it and thousands of integrations and partnerships. 

Bitgert can be bought and sold on almost all the big names, such as Kucoin, WazirX, Bitfinex, BitMart, MEXC Global, Huobi, Bitget, Giottus, etc. It has an all-in-one ecosystem with several capabilities to help developers and creators build their platforms and protocols over it: 

  • Its zero-trading fee CEX
  • Bitgert P2P marketplace
  • P2P crypto exchange Local Bitgert
  • $BRISE Payment gateway PayBRISE
  • Geo Web3 real estate marketplace. 

Bitgert has partnered with several big names in the industry and continues to forge more collaborations. Some recent names include AI-driven Web3 trend tracking and trading platform TrendX, CyberEthanol, WeRent, BITPINK, Goblin Saga, red packet mining platform BooM, and GPT Verse. 

Bitgert’s $BRISE Chain has seen a 2000% jump in the number of daily transactions, from 90 to more than 2k. This clearly indicates that Bitgert is steadily gaining traction and moving towards mass adoption. 

Bitgert’s native token, $BRISE, has performed exceedingly well during the bear market and the FTX fall. Since its launch, it has given investors a return of 40,000% when the crypto market was at its worst. 

Currently, Bitgert looks back in action with 5% monthly gains and weekly action back in the green. The bullish investor sentiment and building market momentum will push Bitgert higher. Experts predict Bitgert will see a 10x jump in its prices in the coming days as the market picks up. 

The indicators suggest that the situation is ripe for an imminent rally, and early investors would garner maximum returns. 


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