How To Grow Your Wealth With A Secure Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin may be one of the most volatile assets. Last week, Bitcoin fell to $29,000. Just less than two months ago, Bitcoin reached the all-time high of $64,895. The crypto market has rebounded after Elon Musk changed his tune on Bitcoin mining. In his tweets, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO said that he spoke with Bitcoin miners in North America who would commit to promote energy usage transparency and accelerate sustainability initiatives worldwide.

The massive rally of cryptocurrencies has attracted many new investors, many of whom had little experience in dealing with such volatile markets. Driven by FOMO, they entered the market with the hope to grow their wealth, then a devastating bout of volatility hit, and they might find their money wiped off. 

Such stories happen every day, and investing in cryptocurrency is still tricky, although the crypto market has become more mature. Hodlers suffer less stress as they set their targets in the long term. But they might miss out on opportunities to make profits by trading. 

Investing in Bitcoin is not a single-choice question. Many investors diversify their portfolios by allocating money to trend trading and holding. They usually keep certain money in cryptocurrency exchanges and other Bitcoin in cold wallets. Transfer between hot wallets and cold wallets could be time-consuming and fee-costing. To improve user experience and bring convenience to investing in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency exchange Bexplus now offers interest-bearing wallets to users.

Bexplus BTC Wallet – a Trustworthy Wallet With Up to 21% Interest

Established in 2017 and accredited by MSB (Money Services Business), Bexplus is a leading crypto derivatives trading platform offering 100x leverage futures trading on BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, XRP, etc.

Features of Bexplus Wallet

Independence: the wallet is independent of the trading account, so the deposits would not be used as margin, nor would it be influenced if your positions got liquidated. Furthermore, the deposits in your wallet will not be “locked up.”

High Security: The platform uses multiple signature access, and all funds transferred from cold storage to hot wallets are manually processed and require multiple staff to coordinate.

No Penalties for Early Withdrawal: Withdrawal requests will be processed within 1 day with no penalties for early withdrawal. If you withdraw your deposit on the tenth day of the month, you can still receive the interests generated within this period. 

No KYC Requirements: all registrations on Bexplus are done via email verification. You don’t have to worry about getting your information leaked. You can start trading within a few minutes, and the transaction between the trading account and wallet is instant.


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Join Bexplus and Earn 100% Deposit Bonus
Join Bexplus and Earn 100% Deposit Bonus

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