How’s the Bitcoin Community Celebrating the Bitcoin Pizza Day

For any newborn industry, there’s one moment in time that defines its future, and the crypto space is no different.

On 22nd May 2010, a young man named Laszlo Hanyecz, now popularly known as the Bitcoin Pizza Guy, bought two pizzas at Papa John’s pizza joint for, hold your breath, 10,000 Bitcoins. Those two pizzas can easily be the costliest pizzas ever sold, if BTC’s current value is considered, at over $45 million each! Yes, you’ve heard it right, $45,000,000 for one Papa John’s pizza.

However, back in the days, Bitcoin wasn’t the internet rave that it became in 2014. And when the story of the Bitcoin Pizza Guy became popular, the community declared 22nd May as the Bitcoin Pizza Day.

It’s the 10th Anniversary of the famous incident, and even after a decade later, the crypto giants still remember it with a great level of fondness. So, how’s the Bitcoin community celebrating it? Let’s find out:

Premier Indian crypto exchange WazirX CEO Niscahl Shetty is bragging about how 10,000 BTC are now valued at over $90 million. He added that Papa John’s accepting Bitcoin as payment was a big positive for the industry. If you don’t know about this crypto exchange, then read the complete WazirX review here. He added that Papa John’s accepting Bitcoin as payment was a big positive for the industry.

World’s largest crypto trading network Binance announced a BNB giveaway worth $50,000. It said in the official statement on its website,

Binance announced

OKEx, the Malta-based crypto exchange, took a hilarious take on the event, tweeting that the amount paid for those two pizzas is more than the value of the entire store today.

American crypto exchange Gemini took this opportunity to help the frontline workers, or rather warriors, in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. In the official statement, it stated that it is partnering with Slice Out Hunger, Papa John’s Pizza, No Kid Hungry, The Giving Block, TaxBit, and Flexa to donate pizzas to these warriors. It further added,

Gemini Stated

In 2020, despite all the criticism in the world, Bitcoin is one of the most valued financial assets existent, and continues to grow in terms of popularity and reach. There was a time when it was shunned as just another internet bubble when people almost threw away thousands of BTC to buy pizzas. But times have changed, and Bitcoin, aside from other crypto projects, is a thriving industry. We now have legit trading platforms like Binance, Coinbase, OKEx, etc. where you can buy and sell Bitcoins like any other financial asset, we have platforms like that provide analytics and algorithm-based predictions, and we also have BTC based loans, staking, and all kinds of other services that one could never have imagined in 2010. To all the Bitcoin lovers out there, Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!

Trevor Holman

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